Touché Amoré + Guests – Live @ The Fleece, Bristol [17/2/17]

It is time for the night to get full of a whole barrage of stage dives and crowd participation when Touché Amoré came down to Bristol on their current UK/EU tour and destroyed the venue with their strong emotional tracks and poetic lyricism.

Opening up the night were UK based post/melodic hardcore group Departures (7) who opened the night up on a quite strong note. With their latest album ‘Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Love’ still bringing some of their strongest material to date on a live stage, it put the wheels in motion for the night with tracks like ‘Broken’ crashing through the speakers and a few fans getting involved with singing the lyrics back. Going back to their ‘Teenage Haze’ record with their classic tracks ‘Where The Time Will Go’ and their set closer ’21’, the guitars pounded through the venue as the vocals sounded crisp, albeit a bit quiet at times. Overall, the band showed off something great about the UK music scene and it will be exciting to see where they go from here.

Now comes the band that a lot of the hardcore fans were getting pumped for, and rightly so as Angel Du$t (9) brought some of the funkiest punk riffs you will ever hear in your lifetime. Spanning their discography with some of their bounciest tracks such as ‘Stepping Stone’ to kick things off and moving straight into ‘Toxic Boombox’ made the night that much more dance friendly. Justice Trapp is proving to be one of the most enjoyable frontmen to watch live as he fully brings more emotion and passion with the music as he powers through their set with ‘Headstone’ having so much of a great punk vibe in its walls. Closing with their cult hit ‘Set Me Up’, it cemented them as a great band to watch live with a very impressive back catalogue and a nice filling to the post hardcore sandwich of a night.

It was very easy to think that Touché Amoré (10) would be the band of the night, but you probably weren’t expecting such a phenomenal performance from the five piece. With such an emotional topic with their latest album ‘Stage Four’, it took up most of the majority of their set as well as their highly acclaimed ‘Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me’ to create something that was full of something powerful and hitting you straight in the emotions. With tracks such as ‘Benediction’ and their set opener ‘Flowers And You’ brought over a wave of sorrow over the evening, but as soon as ‘~’ came through the venue, the shockwave came through and hit everyone hard, picking up the pace massively and throughout the night, the intensity of the set and crowd reaction was palpable and it made the night that much more memorable They have made themselves a destructive force in the genre and it will be a night everyone will look back on with great positivity.