Aphyxion Release New Video For Dark Stains On Ivory

Danish Modern 5 piece Aphyxion have released the video for Dark Stains On Ivory the second track from upcoming album Aftermath released 2nd December via Prime Collective. This track follows the band’s first track Destined To Fail to have a music video (the second of which amassed 100,000 streams across all digital platforms just a few weeks after its release).

Guitarist/songwriter Jonas Haagensen says of the track: ““Dark Stains on Ivory is probably the most representative song for the album. This banger was one of the first songs we wrote after our debut album, all made to mark the new sound of our new album.”

The lyric video can be watched below

Aftermath has been nominated for Best Live Band at the Danish Music Awards, the Audience Award at Royal Metal Grand Prix and have been recognized by Metal Hammer and The Guardian. It has also been reviewed on Musicology.

Aphyxion was produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Primal Fear) and the bands guitarist Jonas Haagensen at Hansen Studios in their home town of Ribe, Denmark.


Aphyxion – Aftermath

For fans of Soilwork and In Flames, Aphyxion bring their own brand of melodeath to the fore-front and thankfully it sounds beautifully catchy with the right level of inspirations from newer bands to ensure they stay relevant within the musical canvas of 2016.

The vocals of Michael Vahl go from the perfect level of sombreness to the right level of screams. This can truly influence what he’s singing about as in the track Prisoner Of War he gives the sombreness of a battlefield through his more emotive style of singing. In a track like A Part Of The Solution he sings in a more croaky style that isn’t actually screaming, doing a tactic that can be compared to the greatness of a vocalist like Randy Blythe (especially with the joint effort of backing vocalist Bertil Rytter). On a track like Same Kind Of Different where the track feels more like a metalcore track he brings out the sound of a singer such as Winston McCall. This is a fascinating display of how only subtle differences can change the sound massively.

The use of electronics within the track work amazingly well and gives the last track, The Nature Of Mankind, a haunting ending and allows the album to have a huge crescendo. This is a group which thinks about their connections to the fans and something along the lines of this feels great to listen to. The use of two guitarists also feels great as they play off each other perfectly throughout the context of this piece. Both Jonas Haagensen and Bertil Rytter feels great within this release and layer their instruments on top of each other perfectly. This works best on second track where the two layer to give a solo and a more melodic nature to this otherwise quite extreme band. Given that this album feels like it’s an extreme metal album that wants to invite uninitiated fans into the genre, this is a tactic that works extremely well.

Bassist Jais Jessen has his moments to shine especially on the thumping moments of a track such as Born To Stand Strong. This song cuts through the speakers and thankfully for fans of Melodeath, this is an element that will keep fans invested. The drums work much in the same way and the power that Jakob Jensen puts into a track like Dark Stains On Ivory allows the band to keep the integral intensity that has existed within Melodic Death Metal.

This is the perfect briding album for fans of Metalcore to get into Melodeath or even Death Metal at points. Without being too alienating this is an album which has little weak points (only real exception is Can’t Be Beat which feels too standard for an album of this creativity) and many elements that will keep fans coming back for more. This is a great introduction for what the genre means and for a band only on their second album to be referred to in such a way, only stands great stead for their career. With catchy songs and a perfect sense of melody expect this group to be hitting festivals like Download in the not too distant future.

APHYXION release new single + announce new album

Danish metal five-piece APHYXION set the release date of their new album Aftermath to December 2nd after they unveiled their new video for Destined to Fall.

Denmark’s brightest alternative act in recent years, Aftermath is set to make APHYXION a driving force in the European music scene. The album will see the band “honing in on their strengths, which include crushing riffs, gargantuan hooks and punchy song structures”.

Despite the young ages of the members, APHYXION have been nominated for Best Live Band at the Danish Metal Awards, the Audience Award at Royal Metal Grand Prix as well as being recognized by Metal Hammer UK, Metal Hammer DE and The Guardian UK.

A tour in support of Aftermath has also been hinted at for the coming year.

You can check out APHYXION on their official website or Facebook.