Test Your Metal Records are searching for Artist relations agents

Test Your Metal Records are actively searching for artist relations agents to add to it’s growing team in North America.


If you’re interested you can send your inquiries via email to info@testyourmetalrecords.com.


Test Your Metal Records bio

“TEST YOUR METAL RECORDS was founded in April 2015, by Grant Truesdell – a fellow musician and heavy metal advocate – out of the frustrations of seeing all of the underpaid and unsigned talent from all over the world not getting the recognition or help that they deserve. Realizing that there has to be a better way to help bands not just make a living, but to help them define a career for themselves.”


Test Your Metal Record Releases:
2017 – Rapheuments Well – Enders Door (coming May 2017)
2017 – Terrifier – Weapons of Thrash Destruction
2016 – Solitude – Reach For The Sky (North American release)
2016 – Almah – E.V.O (North American release)
2016 – Hibria – XX (North American release)
2016 – Edu Falaschi – Moonlight (North American release)
2016 – Rapheumets Well – The Exile
2015 – Evilheart – Quinquaginta (North American release)
2015 – Hibria – Hibria (North American release)