AS IT IS release video for new single ‘Hey Rachel’

AS IT IS release video for new single ‘Hey Rachel‘ from recent album “Okay“.


Check out the video below

Patty had these words to say about the track

Hey Rachel was an especially cathartic song to write, re-opening old wounds after nearly ten years. Writing the song demanded being painfully honest with both myself and my sister, neither of which I was particularly comfortable doing. I had to re-live past feelings of fear, sorrow, anger, pain, and, most of all, regret. The song is an apology I’m relieved and proud to have finally said. The video was written and directed by Joshua Halling, who also spearheaded the video for Pretty Little Distance. I love his interpretation of the song – re-imagining mine and Rachel’s story with an empowering, inspirational feel with a happy ending in hindsight. It’s such a beautiful and powerful music video, and I’m ecstatic to finally be sharing it.”

Patty’s sister Rachel of whom the song is wrote about stated

“My brother sent me Hey Rachel without me having any knowledge that they were writing it. I first listened to it at 10am and I immediately started sobbing, because it brought back so many emotions and memories from a time in my past that was very difficult for me. My brother also asked for my permission to put it on the album, and my initial reaction was actually ‘no’; it’s a scary and intimidating feeling to put a private story out into the public for everyone to hear and judge, but the feedback and the support everyone has given the song has made it a little easier to handle. And just so everyone knows, I forgave him years ago.”

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