Van Halst release music video for ‘Questions’

Highlighting the victim blaming that goes on in sexual assaults, Van Halst‘s new song ‘Questions‘ aims to put a spotlight on that. The vocalist Kami Van Halst commented on the song;

“Questions” is a very important song for us. There is so much victim blaming in our society and we wanted to draw attention to this issue. My sister (Brittney Grabill) and I wrote this song in response to a series of sexual assaults that were happening in our home town. We were appalled by the lack of focus on the perpetrator and the questions being asked of the victims such as “Well what were they doing there in the first place?” We need to stop putting the blame on the victims and shift our focus to preventing these altercations in the first place. People need to understand that violence and abuse towards another person, any person, is not ok.”

Check out the track below.