Bleeker – Erase You

Fans of Bleeker will recognise the iconic riff of the opening track of their album Erase You, as first up is Highway, taken from their self titled EP, but updated with a twist as per their early 2017 release. However Erase You contains their entire self titled EP, with only a few new songs.

New tracks from Bleeker include Getting OutEmergency and Every Time You CallGetting Out contains clear cut sections, the verses contain just drums and the guitars and bass join in at the upbeat chorus. These new tracks are well crafted; they provide a breath of fresh air and perk the listener up. They are also well mixed, mastered and would sound great live.

Still Got Love, if performed by any other artist, could easily be a pop song. The lead vocalist, Taylor Perkins, sounds like a much more talented Robbie Williams. The guitar and bass provide the heaviness and grit that makes a rock band, instead of a pop group.

Emergency is a more serious track in comparison to the other new songs, but still written in a major key and providing an uplifting contrast to the more morbid lyrical content. Close My Eyes follows this vein but is written in a minor key and opens with broken chords on piano. When the rest of the instruments come in, it creates a build up to a much heavier track than the rest of the album, which is a great contrast.

Erase You ends with an absolute corker of a track, Every Time You Call. It follows in the same vein as Highway – it’s catchy, memorable and would make an excellent choice for a single. This track would sound amazing live, it sounds like energy itself.

Even non Bleeker fans will find something to enjoy, as they make easily listenable and produce enjoyable, catchy tracks. The disappointing part of the album is the re use of tracks from their self titled EP which was released late last year. It would have been nice to see more new content from the obviously talented group. Bleeker have managed to combine cheerful and serious tracks in one album without the serious songs sounding out of place.