The Rising Few Claim To Have A Bigger Sound On Their New EP “Adult Entertainment”

Montreal QC band The Rising Few have claimed to increase their game and have a bigger sound on their new EP Adult Entertainment, the followup to the Alt-Rockers 2014 EP Sinners On St-Laurent. 

The band have been described as being a culturally diverse group with members coming from; Haiti, France, Syria, Canada, Brazil, Armenia and Egypt coming together in Canada with a love of Bruce Springsteen and a knack of storytelling within their music.

Delusional behaviour is what describes the EP’s lyrical content with Big Boy Games describing treason, The Sinking Of The I’m Alone describing the sinking of the Canadian schooner the “I’m Alone” during the prohibition era, Try Try Again depicts the delusion of failure and Lights And Shadows tackles melancholy in love-loss. The Rising Few might be a new band but with the statement that is driven from all of the above songs, their certainly a group to keep an eye on.

The main songwriter for the band Karim Terouz said: “It was GO BIG or GO HOME! We’re all recent immigrants to Canada and in a time where cultural differences are threatened, THE RISING FEW take the chance to promote their unity, by tackling these issues and presenting them in classy, colorful, adult contemporary rock.

Adult Entertainment is set for release this coming Friday and will be available on iTunes and Spotify.

Track Listing:

1. Try Try Again (Gonna Need A Helping Hand) (4:24)
2. Gullible (4:08)
3. The Sinking of The I’m Alone (3:22)
4. Big Boy Games (2:52)
5. Save Yourself (2:52)
6. Lights And Shadows (5:16)
7.Try Try Again (Bonus) (3:40)
8. Hit The Monarchy (Bonus) (2:46)

EP Length: 29.24
The band will also be hosting a free entrance CD presented by Hennessy   at Le Plateau Lounge (901 Rue du Square-Victoria) on the 26th May in Montreal. The show will be opened by Po Lazarus performing an acoustic set and will also serve as a gallery with a hand drawn photo of the mural created by Karim Therouz and the installation art, all of which will be auctioned. The Rising Few will also be joined by The Vocalist Magazine and The Bell Media Documentary Show (the Bell Media documentary show that highlights Montreal artists on Bell Fibe TV).

Bruce Springsteen Announces Companion Album To His New Autobiography

Bruce Sprinsteen has announced that his new album Chapter And Verse will be released 23rd September through Columbia Records. This comes four days before the release of his new autobiography Born To Run released via Simon & Schulster.

The album though being a greatest hits of the singers career, will also include 5 previously unreleased tracks. The tracklisting has also been considered to match Born To Run with the first two songs being from his first band The Castiles through to the last track being from his most recent album Wrecking Ball. 

Recordings from Steel Mill and The Bruce Springsteen Band, are also included on this album leading to the whole range of Bruce Springsteen to be shown on this 15 track album.

The tracklisting is available below:

1. Baby I — The Castiles (recorded May 2, 1966, at Mr. Music, Bricktown, NJ; written by Bruce Springsteen and George Theiss; previously unreleased)

2. You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover — The Castiles (recorded Sept. 16, 1967, at The Left Foot, Freehold, NJ; written by Willie Dixon; previously unreleased)

3. He’s Guilty (The Judge Song) — Steel Mill (recorded Feb. 22, 1970, at Pacific Recording Studio, San Mateo, CA; previously unreleased)

4. Ballad of Jesse James — The Bruce Springsteen Band (recorded March 14, 1972, at Challenger Eastern Surfboards, Highland, NJ; previously unreleased)

5. Henry Boy (recorded June 1972, at Mediasound Studios, New York, NY; previously unreleased)

6. Growin’ Up (recorded May 3, 1972, at Columbia Records Recordings Studios, New York, NY; previously appeared on ‘Tracks’)

7. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (1973, ‘The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle’)

8. Born to Run (1975, ‘Born to Run’)

9. Badlands (1977, ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’)

10. The River (1980, ‘The River’)

11. My Father’s House (1982, ‘Nebraska’)

12. Born in the U.S.A. (1984, ‘Born in the U.S.A.’)

13. Brilliant Disguise (1987, ‘Tunnel of Love’)

14. Living Proof (1992, ‘Lucky Town’)

15. The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995, ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’)

16. The Rising (2002, ‘The Rising’)

17. Long Time Comin’ (2005, ‘Devils & Dust’)

18. Wrecking Ball (2012, ‘Wrecking Ball’)

All songs written and performed by Bruce Springsteen except as noted.

Film-maker Thorn Zimny has released his trailer for Chapter And Verse below:

Springsteen’s 500 page autobiography Born To Run will be released in hardcover, e-book and audio editions. Pre Orders are available – here

Chapter And Verse will be available as a single CD and a double LP, as well as digital downloads and streaming. The package includes lyrics and rare votings. Pre Order’s are available now.