Brutus – Burst [REVIEW]

Bringing you something heavy, atmospheric and full on punk at points, it’s safe to say that Brutus aren’t looking to be held back by any sort of boundaries at all and this debut record will show off their power and creativity within their walls.

Immediately sounding like an alternative rock jam, ‘Match’ kicks off very strongly with a touch of chaotic nuances about it. It all comes together a lot more when the vocals kick in and add a really nice element to the track overall, giving you something that is the life of the party. As the album progresses, the band still test their limits with tracks like ‘Not Caring’ giving off something that is full of experimental noise that shows off the band going through different stages and sections flawlessly with a minimalist amount of singing.

When the track boosts more of the bass and the vocals, it adds a very strong atmosphere to the first part of the album, making it that much more tasteful. As it moves into ‘Justice De Julia II’ the guitars show off more of their melody qualities whilst the vocals get more of a feature. It shows off a more emotional side due to its tone and the more forceful approach of the higher key in singing adds to that state of mind.

Towards the second half of the record the tracks show off more of their creative and chaotic side with the album as a whole coming across as a spectacular live show within the casing. Tracks like ‘Crack / Waste’ giving off that vibe very strongly. Even with the track being one of the shortest of the bunch, it still packs an incredible punch with the guitars being the forefront of that track. The longest track, titled ‘Child’ is also their closer and it is by far the best track on the record. It encapsulates everything that is gripping and wonderful about the record and has an amazing structure around it.

This record is a prime example of what a band can do if they’re willing to just throw so many rulebooks into a fire and just light it with petrol. Whilst there are a few parts that feel a bit disorientating, the whole record will transport you into another state of mind and bring you something magical in its approach.


BRUTUS release second single from upcoming album

BRUTUS have released the second single from their upcoming album “BURST


BRUTUS release this track as a follow up to their debut single “All Along

They had these words to say about the single “Drive is a song that was written about someone else – I’ve had these lyrics for four years, but this is the first time they’ve really fit within a song. It can be hard to come across aggressively without screaming and yelling, but ‘Drive’ is one of the tracks where I’ve tried to get the message across just by singing. I need to be on top of my skills to pull this one off – with the drum-fills right before the verse, we tried to make it sound like we were literally pushing a drum down the stairs that keeps on playing whilst crashing down.”


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Debut album BURST due for release February 24 2017 via Hassle Records


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