Ghost Season – Like Stars In A Neon Sky [REVIEW]

Hailing from Athens, Greece are alternative metal band Ghost Season looking to make a strong mark and showcase their influences. Their upcoming debut album ‘Like Stars In A Neon Sky’ is set for release on January 27th and with a world of oppurtunity, they’re ready to dive in and sink their teeth into the world of music.

The pounding heartbeat follow by what sound like guitar harmonics lead the intro of this track and the effects and mixed production come into play to show of a different style to what you might have already heard of the genre, but unfortunately it doesn’t have that much gripping for an opening track like it feels it should. Then it kicks into ‘Sons Of Yesterday’ and the pace picks up a bit more and brings a little bit more excitement to the record. The double bass pedal for the drums helps pound the riff that much more into your skull and has that flavour of old school Trivium. The vocal harmonies work really well and even though the vocals sometimes feel a bit off with the actual tone  of the track, the band soldier on and make everything still work in their favour. The riffs keep on getting pounded through by the guitars whilst the bass provides the undertone in headbanger ‘Fade Away’, picking this album up a bit more and gives you that anthem feel in its choruses with the subtle screams hidden in the background.

The band knows what works for them and that is providing something that instrumentally is very pleasing to the ears. Near enough all of the tracks have that power to get you headbanging whether it be with the more old school heavy metal feeling of riffs with songs such as ‘War Of Voices’  to the fresher new era style with that nostalgic twinge that comes with songs like ‘The Mirror’ that give you a different perspective of what the band can achieve. The softer and acoustic driven sections are prominent in quite a few tracks. Where you might find them on just one or two, Ghost Season definitely use the numbers game to their advantage and it makes the album flow that much more nicer. Whether it has a southern twinge like ‘The Vampire’ or not, its a experiment that has pretty much succeeded for the group. The vocals are what are give this album the dirt mark on what is otherwise a good record. Whilst the harmonies flow really nicely and the track previously mentioned bring some gravitas to it, most of the time it feels out of place and could turn away first time listeners.

From start to finish, you will find an enjoyable piece of music from a country you probably wouldn’t expect this from. Even though there might be a few things that might turn you away at first glance, that doesn’t stop the band pushing and creating something that is a really nice way to start of their debut album.


Albums That Changed Our Lives: Musicology Staff Edition

We all have that one album that defined us; the one that shaped our tastes in music, our perspectives or that we simply have just really liked for a long time. Here is the list of albums chosen by Musicology staff; some of us had loads to say about these albums and some only a few words, but there is a huge variety in genres at play here that makes up the Musicology staff.

American Idiot – Green Day

American Idiot - Green Day

Chosen by Fiona

Fiona says: American Idiot was the first rock album I ever bought, listened to and actually really liked. After I became a fan of Green Day it was my dream to see them play live, and finally, in 2013, I did. Before I saw Green Day live my favourite band were Muse, but Green Day put on a much better show, interact with their audience and generally just look like they’re having a great time. I saw the American Idiot Musical in late 2012 too and it was fantastic to hear some of my favourite songs in a real, gritty, story setting.

The Young & The Hopeless – Good Charlotte

The Young & The Hopeless - Good Charlotte

Chosen by James M

James says: The Young & The Hopeless taught me that music can be rough and unpolished as well as brutally honest.

Dookie – Green Day

Dookie - Green Day


Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing – The Wonder Years

Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing - The Wonder Years

Chosen by Tom

Tom says: Dookie influenced me on a musical level, but Suburbia influenced me on a more personal level.

All Hope Is Gone – Slipknot

All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot

Chosen by Bradley

Bradley says: All Hope Is Gone was the first metal album I ever listened to. I heard Snuff and thought “what’s this?” and then got into heavier music from there on.

The Hope Division – Stick To Your Guns

The Hope Division - Stick To Your Guns

Chosen by Josh

Josh says: The Hope Division is the first album that got me into the hardcore genre and helped me expand on those horizons.

The ’59 Sound – Gaslight Anthem

The 59 Sound - Gaslight Anthem

Chosen by Coops

Coops says: This record opened some many doors for me musically and turned me on to so many killer bands. They tell stories, write catchy tunes and they are such mellow dudes…

Riot! – Paramore

Riot - Paramore

Chosen by Victoria and Jade

Victoria says: Paramore are my favourite band of all time, and Riot shaped me. It’s easily a staple in alternative music.

Jade says: Riot was the first rock album I ever listened to.

Common Courtesy – A Day To Remember

Common Courtesy - ADTR

Chosen by Sam

Sam says: This album was my first encounter with A Day To Remember, and they are such a groundbreaking band with so much musical talent. This album helped me through my first major break up and introduced me to heavier music, teaching me how well emotion can be used in songs. Although I feel that Homesick is the best A Day To Remember album, it did not shape my musical influence like Common Courtesy did.

Sports – Modern Baseball

Sports - Modern Baseball

Chosen by James L

James says: The main reason for this choice is that Sports inspired me to listen to more of what I listen to now, and it also it is a massive reason I play my music the way I do. From the soft strumming and plucked patterns or the sometimes more aggressive style, but also from a lyrical sense and the way in which vocal patterns can affect a songs feel and emotional power.

The Poison – Bullet For My Valentine

The Poison - BFMV

Chosen by Lauren

Lauren says: The Poison came out while i was in my first year at college and really shaped my taste in music, and myself. My best friend bought tickets to the tour which also happened to be my first gig without my parents and in this genre, seeing the album played live made me fall deeper in love with it. Everything about it pretty much summed up being a teenager at the time. It’s still an album I can happily go to and listen to.

Lauren also recently took photos of Bullet For My Valentine in Manchester on their 10 year Poison tour!

Bullet For My Valentine

Blank Parody Release New Single “Locket Picture”

West-Midlands rock band Blank Parody release their new single Locket Picture. This track comes off the groups debut EP due early next year.

The track is produced by Jim Pinder (Fightstar/Bullet For My Valentine) and mastered by Geoff Pesche (Pulp) at Abbey Road Studios. The new EP Locket Picture is written by vocalist Joby Fitzgerald and guitarist Liam Howard at a point where they were dealing with personal difficulties, including breakups, ill health and loss.

Howard says about the album: “‘Locket Picture’ is about the way loss and suffering contorts our personalities and manipulates us into completely different people. Painful memories become weights around our necks which do nothing but remind us of times when we were happier, and the more we stare into that, trying to find answers, the more we invoke desolation and despondency. The song is as much about self-destruction as it is about self-realisation and abandoning the weight of nostalgia before it tips you over the edge.”

In 2014 Liam Howard and stepbrother Connor Hodgkiss (Drummer) started to make a band and with the former vocalist of Cytota (Geoff Pesche) after recruiting University friend Freddie Shaw (Bass) the lineup was created.

After an intense period of recording demos, the band stepped into Treehouse Studios where they recorded 10 tracks with Jim Pinder. 

Blank Parody’s debut single Dark Pretenders was Number One in the Unsigned Top Charts and suggested by a judging panel including (at the time) NME’s New Music Editor Matt Wilkinson, to make the shortlisting in the Record Store Day “Berwick Street Calling” competition.

Blank Parody have also been played on Kerrang! Radio and on Johnny Doom’s show Amp’d.

Catch the band on the following dates:
November 11th – Lichfield, George IV (Locket Picture launch show)
November 30th – Birmingham, O2 Academy (supporting Electric Six)

Bullet For My Valentine release new song ‘Don’t Need You’

It’s time for some new music from veteran heavy metal/metalcore outfit Bullet For My Valentine! Bringing something new and exciting before their UK/EU tour dates, the thrashing of riffs and pounding of drums make for an amazing new listen from the band, sounding like something out of ‘Scream Aim Fire‘ era from the group. Check out the new track ‘Don’t Need You‘ below!

You can purchase the track HERE. They will be touring the UK with Killswitch Engage and Cane Hill with dates below!


Apollo On Fire announce self-titled debut album

Bringing a very bouncy and clean vocals-friendly element to metalcore is Melbourne based trio Apollo On Fire. Bringing a sound that reminisces of Bullet For My Valentine, they have jut announced their debut record with a nice new single for starters! You can check out the latest offering ‘A Promise You Couldn’t Keep‘ below to get you fixated.

Their debut album is set for a November 14th release.

Killswitch Engage, Cannibal Corpse and The Black Dahlia Murder Supergroup – Serpentine Dominion

Serpentine Dominion looks set to be the newest supergroup in Heavy Metal, boasting members from Killswitch Engage (Adam D – Guitars), Cannibal Corpse (Corpsegrinder – Vocalsand The Black Dahlia Murder (Shannon Lucas – Ex Drummer). The band will release their first music on August 11th and look set to impress on the wider metal circuit.

More details will be made on what looks set to be August 11th, when pre-orders for the album and their first track look set to be released.

Killswitch Engage will play the UK in support of Bullet For My Valentine. Tour dates are below

Dec 03: Manchester Academy, UK
Dec 06: Birmingham O2 Academy, UK
Dec 09: London O2 Academy Brixton, UK


Bullet For My Valentine To Play ‘The Poison’ In Full Live

Welsh metal titans Bullet For My Valentine have today announced that they will play their debut album The Poison in it’s entirety for the very first time in Manchester.

After the first Manchester date for the 3rd December sold out, the band added a 2nd show for the 4th, and it is on this date that they will play their breakthrough album in full for the very first time anywhere, which will include the likes of 4 Words To Choke Upon, Suffocating Under The Words Of Sorrow and of course Tears Don’t Fall.   Get your tickets here before it’s too late, and check out the poster below.