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Creeper are missing and who is James Scythe?

Yesterday after their Leeds Festival appearances, something started to go wrong on the Creeper social media accounts. The band’s Twitter account started posting photos of white noise, which were promptly deleted before the band claimed they were being hacked. All of their personal Facebooks ,Twitters and Instagrams have all been deactivated as had the three band pages (though the latter have been restored since, posting more clues). The name James Scythe has also appeared…

When things start getting spooky, Creeper fans call 02380000376: the number on a shirt from the beginning of 2016 that has seemed to give some clues as to what’s going on. When this happened last night though, the cult didn’t get what they were expecting.

The call led to hearing a Russian-sounding lullaby, and when the call ended the number texted a link to which details the missing of James Scythe, a paranormal detective. This of course led to the next step of the journey and the hunt ensued from there.

This morning however, while the text remained after the call, the number no longer played a lullaby but instead played a message stating “on the 2nd of October 2016, we will die holding hands” leading further fan speculation as to what will happen on that date (the band are scheduled to be in America on tour).

In addition, a further two websites have surfaced in the shape of which details further the character of The Stranger and which contains 19 episodes of a podcast that have all been reduced to a 10 second white noise and one lasting 20 minutes that details The Stranger and the Callous Heart.

Here’s what we know so far:

James Scythe
Courtesy of Brittany Rutt

Creeper Have Another Announcement

The Southampton punks have another announcement to make, and judging by Twitter, it’ll be here tomorrow…

Creeper have recently announced a US tour and played Slam Dunk and Camden Rocks festivals this week, so could it be more shows? New music? A last-minute Download appearance? A support slot with a giant band? Drop us a comment with your predictions!

Creeper Just Announced A Single Show

Southampton punks Creeper have just announced a one-off show next Friday in The Underground, Aberdeen to mark Friday 13th while on their day off on the Andy Black Homecoming Tour that hits Glasgow the day previously.

The show will have support from best mates Grader, as well as Campfires and Hayworth so should make for a fantastic sight.

Tickets are only £5 so they’ll go pretty quickly, snap them up while they’re still there here!

The band also hit Reading & LeedsSlam Dunk2000TreesTruckfest, Butserfest and will be on tour with Andy Black 10th-20th May so be sure to check them out whenever you can (you won’t regret it)

(Photo credits to Jay Wennington)

ABERDEEN, see you next Friday, along with @GRADERHC @campfiresband

Tix- £5 on sale NOW

— C R E E P E R (@creepercultuk) May 5, 2016