Attila & Guests – Live @ Marble Factory, Bristol (5/4/17)

The crowd was coming in fierce to the Marble Factory as they were getting ready for an onslaught of metal riffs and a party attitude. With Attila on a pretty extensive UK and Europe tour, they have made a stop in Bristol and they’re looking to show off a lot of the positive party vibes that only they can with the army of metalcore behind them.

Up first to showcase their talent are UK’s own Carter City (7) who were ready to throw everything they had at the crowd. With them highlighting a lot of their new release ‘Infinite // Unknown’ during the momentum of their set, the colours helped accentuate the songs and provide a really solid addition to the bands presence. The band’s vocalist knew where to provide elements of enjoyment with him sounding just as aggressive as he does on the record with the band weaving its metallic web with the technicality of the guitar patterns and drum accenting. Overall, the band made their mark solidly and it will be exciting to see where they go from here.

Taking the stage next were another crowd favourite next to the headliners, The Word Alive (9) were just as excited to be there as anyone else with the band throwing themselves around like rag dolls making the stage their new playground. With a big back catalogue it was interesting to see how they would fair with 45 minutes only, but they spanned their career ranging from tracks ‘2012’ to newer songs ‘Overdose’ with the fans responding to the set in kind with moshpits starting to rumble the venue. Telle Smith’s cleans have seem to be pushed through so much more, with him sounding incredible through the speakers and the bands instrumentation sounds as crisp as ever with them putting all their heart and soul into the live performance as well as being lighthearted at times. They’re pushing more walls down for metalcore and are a band to keep on your radar.

Finally, Attila (9) rose from the ashes with their heads held high and middle fingers raised as they came out swinging with all their bouncy rhythms and flavourful stage presence. Fronz’s mantra definitely applies during this set as ‘giving no fucks’ about how everything goes was a key component to making this band put a smile on your face and the kids in the pit. With ‘Hellraiser’ leading the opening charge of the audiences mosh participation, ‘Payback’ is when it all came to fruition as the band brought two people on stage to join them for another onslaught of the senses with more pounding guitars and bass. The electronics came through heavily with ‘Moshpit’ which showed a nice variation, but a more mature way of thinking that the band has been able to push through and truly find their sound, mixing heavy with a more dubstep/electronic twinge. You may hate them, but they put on such a fantastic live show that its hard not to laugh and smile.

UK Tech Fest drops first announcement incl. The Black Dahlia Murder

The first announcement from UK Tech Fest is here and they are not messing around! The two UK exclusive so far come in the name of Obscura and The Black Dahlia Murder who will be no doubt bringing huge sets with them.

A few other solid bands to mention on this list are Slovenian death metal/slam band Within Destruction, UK metalcore up and comers Carcer City, USA death metal crushers Aborted, Rap-djent giants Hacktivist and technical metalcore solidifiers in Oceans Ate Alaska amongst many more.

You can check out the full line up below as well as listen to one of the exclusive bands, The Black Dahlia Murder, below!