Casa Del Diablo – Radio Free Universe

Hamilton’s award nominated Radio Free Universe will release their debut album Casa Del Diablo tomorrow (17th March) via Jet Pack Records.

The first track, American Gun, opens with drums, vocals and a simplistic riff that ties together to work really well. Radio Free Universe are a mix between Jack White‘s less alternative material and AudioslaveAmerican Gun is a track that really grabs the listener’s attention.

The next track, Disclosure, which is also the lead single from Casa Del Diablo, introduces elements from The Hives and Queens Of The Stone Age, as well as a more alternative twist on a faster track. The pre chorus slows down into broken chords before picking back up in the chorus to provide the listener with a nice variety, as well as keeping the song moving.

“This is a strange song. It’s about aliens running the planet. Aliens from another dimension. It talks about 9/11 and reptilians that ‘take you away and teach you how to love, take you away until you’re one of us.’ The song was instant. When the riff was written the words happened immediately and have never been questioned for any reason. Sometimes songs are in the either and they are an accumulation of strange thoughts and strange places. I think the song is reaching to understand why the world is in the state it’s in. In the end, it’s a battle of the beast inside us and our connection to something we may never understand.” – Vocalist George Panagopoulos

Most of their tracks are riff based, however instead of sticking with the same riff all the way through the songs, the musicians provide little twists and variations every now and then to keep the listener hooked. Six sounds like the guitarists are using glass sliders in the opening riff, and bringing a country aesthetic, while still providing distortion and a more indie feel to the vocals. Dirty Little Things and Armageddon Road also follow in this vein.

The Rest Of Us is the fastest track on the album, yet the timing for the drums and the guitar riffs never falter. The guitar melody varies all the way through the song, although around the 1 minute 30 second mark, the track sounds much more alternative that it does at the beginning.

Rythm And Bones (deliberately misspelled) would be an excellent choice for the next single. It’s upbeat, the riffs and hooks are catchy and it would make for a great live performance. The only downside to the track is that it’s only just over 2 minutes long.

All in all, Casa Del Diablo is a great album for both casual listeners, and for listeners looking for something new to get into. Each track brings something new to the album, all while having an underlying sound tying everything together.