Catch Fire give you a taste of their studio experience!

Pop punk risers Catch Fire have released their latest EP ‘A Love That I Still Miss‘ and it seems that everything was golden when they hit the studio. Now, the band have opened up on their behind the scenes action regarding their latest release and you can read about it below! You can pick up the EP HERE.

How prepared were you when going into the studio?  

All the songs were pretty much concrete before heading into the studio, so we were very excited to hear them come to life. We did about 2 or 3 days of pre-production just running through the songs with Myroslav, ironing out any creases and adding little finishing touches. We’d spent a long time writing for A Love That I Still Miss, and everything came together naturally, which was great because we didn’t have to force anything. Everything just fell into place, and we all ‘understood’ each other and what we were trying to do.

Where did you decide to go to lay down ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ and why was that the case?

We recorded with Myroslav Borys-Smith at Artifex studios in Derby, UK. Having worked with him on our ‘Wild Things’ cover, we knew he was the obvious choice for A Love That I Still Miss. He understands us as a band and knows what we’re about, so he’s great with suggestions and getting the right sound for us.

Tell us about the recording process…

We spent 3 weeks in the studio with him, getting done what we could on the weekends and then cramming in what we could in the evenings after work. Some days we were all there, some days there were only one or two of us. We had to trust each other to do the best job we all could when tracking because we couldn’t all be there, which we weren’t used to. Any recording we’ve done as a band before, we’ve all been there together.

Did anything unusual happen during the process?

Miles and Joe set off the fire alarm in the studio by vaping!

And finally… what were your thoughts on the outcome?

When Myroslav sent us the first mixes, we were actually in the van as we were on tour.  We demanded that the driver ripped the aux cord out of whatever was plugged in, and we listened to the EP front to back in silence. I remember vividly, that we were all feeling relatively down from having a few shoddy nights of tour, but that went away instantly.  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

A Love That I Still Miss

Catch Fire – A Love That I Still Miss

Catch Fire are a pop punk band from Nottingham in the UK. Their debut EP The Distance I Am From You established them within the scene, proving their ability to write solid songs and perform them at top quality. Now, the boys are back with another Rude Records release, their sophomore EP A Love That I Still Miss.

Their four track debut might have been proficient pop punk, but it did fairly little to stand out. Catch Fire are evoking a much more thoughtful release in every sense with A Love That I Still Miss, from the artwork to its impressive eight-song span. Opening with Poise, it’s a slow-building instrumental track showing off the soundscape of the EP in a crisply produced style.

Curfew sets the EP truly into motion, but there’s still a strong sense of rhythm as the song rises and falls. There’s a raw element to the EP which becomes apparent here which hails to emo influences. It’s something we’ve seen creeping into many pop punk releases recently, and it works very well for Catch FireCurfew has a catchy chorus and a jubilant backing track. At times it’s anthemic pop punk, at others it’s stripped back vocals with guitar and subtle drum backing. This is a demonstration of an improved range for Catch Fire, and it sounds good.

Second track Sylvester opens on a faster note with a jaunty vocal pattern. It’s not an exceptional song in the landscape of the EP, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. Sylvester marches along at a steadier pace once the song comes in in earnest. Lucid is something of an intermediary song, with harsh though slightly backgrounded vocals over a slow and melodic guitar. Some of the harshest vocals on the EP are at home here, marking a contrast to the downbeat instrumentation. It’s an interesting and worthy addition.

Reality has a longer introductory section and takes a while to build to its full potential. The lyrics on this song show excellent capacity, and the structure allows the tension to build before the chorus knocks the song into an ending climax. Lead single Guilty As Charged is a good summation of the EP. It encapsulates the rhythmic tempo lent largely from consistent and measured drumming. This track is somewhat lyrically disappointing after Reality, falling to less impressive rhetoric. Nonetheless, it maintains the pace of the EP nicely, and fits audibly into the sound Catch Fire have created.

Saving the best till last, Thin Ice is a track you might have heard Catch Fire play live by now and it’s one of their most accomplished songs. Instrumentally and vocally, the song pulls the threads of the Catch Fire formula together in harmony. Pulling back then roaring ahead without apology, it’s brazenly ridden with emotion and intimate at times. A Love That I Still Miss hits its highest note in Thin Ice, and rightfully so.

Thin Ice isn’t quite last, however. Wrapping up the EP is Sinking, another instrumental track. Downbeat and pensive with a keyboard to accentuate the softer elements of A Love That I Still Miss, it’s a fitting way to close the door on this diverse release.

In crafting A Love That I Still MissCatch Fire have created an incredibly pleasing package. The band refused to be constrained by the stereotypical structure of an EP, book-ending the release with instrumental tracks and allowing a brief respite midway. Although not all of the songs reach the heights of Thin Ice, the efforts Catch Fire have gone to in producing A Love That I Still Miss (including the striking artwork) have rewarded them with a well-rounded and prodigious sophomore record.


Catch Fire announce new EP, release single ‘Guilty As Charged’

Catch Fire are going to be pushing themselves harder than they ever have before with this new EP that has been announced from their camp. ‘A Love That I Still Miss‘ is going to be their next release set for 24th March via Rude Records and will no doubt show off more greatness of the UK Pop Punk scene.

You can check out their first single ‘Guilty As Charged‘ below.

High Tides announce a whole array of news!

It’s going to be a veritable smorgasbord of news from the High Tides camp. First off, they have announced a new a mini-album titled ‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over‘ which will be released in March. Joining this news is a new single featuring Miles Kent of Catch Fire as well as a UK tour!

You can look at the dates below as well as the new song titled ‘52‘!


STUDIO DIARY: Catch Fire – EP The Distance I Am From You

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be cooped up in a recording studio with some of your best mates?

Well search no more..

Musicology caught up with the awesome pop punk dudes from Catch Fire, whilst they recorded their most anticipated EP The Distance I Am From you.As cliché as it sounds, we just want to play our music to as many people as possible before we keel over and die,” grins Tim Bell, guitarist of Nottingham quintet Catch Fire, a posi pop-punk proposition formed earlier this year from the ashes of local heroes, Layby; “We have a burning desire to write and play music. It’s really as simple as that. I don’t think any of us can see ourselves doing anything other than this.

The good news is, with their debut E.P The Distance I Am From You, boasting bangers as infectious as lead single and future floor filler, ‘Bad Behaviour’, and the soaring, killer  ‘Anaesthetic’, it’s not likely that the lads of Catch Fire will need to consider doing anything else, any time soon. Following its recent release, here the band discuss the recording process…

We spent three quarters of 2015 writing and perfecting “The Distance I Am From You”, so we pretty much felt as prepared as we were ever going to before heading into the studio to record. We were throwing around ideas of who to record with for a while; we knew we wanted someone current and innovative to work with that we felt could connect with our music and make it into something great. We decided to go with Seb Barlow as he ticked all the boxes. He’d worked with an extensive list of bands and artists that we were fans of (Neck Deep, Blood Youth, WSTR) that are doing well for themselves, and we were pretty much all in agreement as soon as he gave us his availability.”

We spent 6 nights down in Wrexham with Seb, programming drums (which would later be replaced by real drums) tracking bass, guitars and vocals. We then spent the following weekend in Sheffield at Steel City Studio, where James Hill tracked and edited them, for Seb to later mix and master. We had a lot of fun down in Wrexham; Miles got his ears and nose pierced behind his parents back and we all listened to the backlash on loudspeaker when he told them, Joe broke up with his girlfriend, Ash accidentally cuddled Tim during his sleep but still denies it to this day, and Neal was ginger throughout… and still is. Bless him. We couldn’t be happier with the final product. Seb has some great ideas and was most certainly the right person for our EP. He contributed a lot of great ideas and was so laid back and easy to work with. We didn’t feel at all rushed or on edge, and that helped the process a lot as it was a fun experience. We’d definitely go back to him in the future!”

So if you haven’t already listen to Catch Fire’s debut EP, The Distance I Am From You, OUT February 5th 2016. Get it:




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