Enter Shikari – Live At Alexandra Palace [REVIEW]

We all know that Enter Shikari can bring the absolute destruction when it comes to their live shows, and them at Alexandra Palace is no different. When you’re not there at the actual show and you’re just listening to them live through your speakers at home, how much does that take away from the actual experience?

Let’s be totally honest here, watching the bands antics is always a special thing when going to a Shikari show. Seeing all the members throw themselves around on the stage like rag doll effects in a Hitman game is always a true sight to behold. However, the main staple of going to a Shikari show is listening to the group bring their craft to an amazing standard. That is immediately know right out of the gate with their intro leading into ‘Solidarity’. Always changing parts on the fly and throwing many mixtures of electronic moments into every element they can is a sight to behold. Rou Reynolds changes little vocal melodies as well and makes it sound just as powerful as the CD version. Whilst the scream might not be as prominent in small sections, the whole instrumentation and hearing the crowd sing a long will bring a tear to any eye of a hardcore Enter Shikari fan.

The setlist ranges from songs right back at the beginning to the more newer and more maturer side of the band. For those who always love a mixture of songs from albums in their sets, you’ll get to hear them smash through ‘Mothership’ just like it sounded many years ago mixed with the newer songs such as ‘The One True Colour’ make this such an all-rounded experience for fans old and new alike. Each single song comes across as huge sounding in the venue full of thousands of all ages pushing their lungs to the limits with all different songs.

The electronic interludes, as well as the orchestral parts, throughout near enough every track are a nice pace maker for the record and help the set sound like one fully-fledged organism. Going from ‘No Sleep Tonight’ to ‘Destabalise’ is a nice little blend of minimalistic whilst going from ‘Slipshod’ to ‘The Jester’ is full of programming tomfoolery that it would feel natural just shoving this into a DJ set to get the crowd bouncing, moshing and clapping along with smiles all over the faces. One could argue though that without these sections of filler in-between tracks as well as talking that their set would be cut down considerably. You may be right, but the fact of the matter is that they do this to a very professional standard and it makes the entire record/set from start to finish feel fuller and more in tune with the crowd as well as themselves.

Another great moment of the band is that everything in their playing and singing doesn’t miss a beat in terms of playing or being worn out. The stamina shown in the vocals of each member don’t sound like they’re dying out and the amount of practice they probably do together pays off in spades. From going all out with alternative metal/post hardcore tracks to the drum and bass flavours and a couple of remixes in to boot, it shows they aren’t going to cater to just one group of people, they’re here for everyone under that one roof. The ‘Price On Your HeadDanny Byrd remix does just that and for those 6+ minutes, it gives you something from all different markets and makes a nice spectacle for all of you.

For anyone who doesn’t know Enter Shikari and would like an album to get you into them, this would be top of the recommendation list. You’re probably thinking to yourself ‘why this?’ Well, if you think about it, it gives you their greatest hits, some underground bangers, caters to all genres and sounds just as good as their recorded material. No further discussions, get the record!


Released: 18th November 2016
Label: Ambush Reality / Play It Again Sam