Hyenas – Deadweights [REVIEW]

Sometimes you want your music to just be full on abrasive, then the German group of Hyenas will be able to take you on that ride of chaos and collision with a side of beauty that can be found within the bands such as The Chariot and Every Time I Die.

You are treated to the soft and succulent intro of ‘Noise’ which just invokes a lot of emotional passion with some spoken word elements layered behind it as the guitar starts to build and build before moving into the next track ‘Crooked Tongue’ which then brings in the rest of the band to their building point before it starts to erupt and the whole band feel just like a crazy and cohesive unit. Quite a few of the tracks tend to be short and sweet with no crazy elevation of trying to be something that hooks you for a long time as it throws you then straight into ‘Ambiself’ with more buildup before it all just comes crashing down once again with more jilted guitars and the band feeling tighter and tighter. The aggression comes through harder as the band are pushing things a bit more and help shape the first part of their record.

The record starts to calm itself down a bit with the more structured ‘Crossbearer’ with the band throwing their punches still with the instrumentation. The clean vocals tend to sound much more pleasant without the gruff nature stuck behind it all, but it showcases newer things about the band. The excitement tends to come from the shorter tracks such as ‘Self-Adjusting’ and the albums closer ‘Nothing’ which are complete parallels of each other. Whilst the first of the two goes on a more chaotic rollercoaster, the second one goes on an instrumental path with it being very minimalist, creeping of feedback and having such a booming, gravelly undertone that it closes the record as tiring as you probably feel moshing your way through it. With songs like ‘Homeostatis’ that definitely channel the ways of chaotic hardcore as well as the styles of math rock/mathcore slowly creeping through within tracks such as ‘Smoothtalkers’, the band showcase more of their production sound whilst showcasing a bit more of the variety of vocals that are brought to the table.

With the record being full of excitement and a little bit of insanity for good measure, this record is a nice branch of excitement onto the hardcore punk scene and gives you a nice little insight into something that is full of life in an unconventional sense. The record reaches its intended goal, but sometimes feel it can go further than that.