No Insight – Chasing Memories [EP]

London born three piece No Insight released their debut EP Chasing Memories on 30th March. Opening with an introductory track titled Into (No Insight) which lulls the listener into thinking that Chasing Memories will be calm, the following track, These Days, comes as a bit of a shock. With influences coming from the likes of Green Day in the guitars, All Time Low and Neck Deep in the vocals, No Insight is a bit of a mix between pop punk and emo.

These Days is not the best track to introduce a new listener to No Insight. The only redeeming part of the track is the catchy chorus, the verse vocals are not performed brilliantly and all the instruments clash together instead of being well balanced in the mix. If it was re mastered it might be a good track.

Chasing Memories, the title track, is instantly preferable to the listener. It is a better mixed track, and better performed. The verse guitar is gentle, with the bass leading the backing. The track builds gradually, with the full guitar coming in at the chorus and carrying on into the second verse, before leading into a solo that although simplistic, suits the song really well.

The final track, If I’m Rick, You’re Morty is evidently based on the hit TV show Rick and Morty, however it sounds like it could also be a romantic song, which is weird because the two characters are blood relatives. In this track it’s evident that the singers are not performing in tune with each other and one is a much better vocalist than the other two.