UK Tech Fest announces second lot of acts for festival

The next announcement has come from UK Tech Fest and boy are they pulling out the big guns! With new UK exclusives joining the fray such as The FacelessBeyond Creation and Humanity’s Last Breath joining other heavyweights such as Chelsea GrinUneven Structure and Ghost Iris, its shaping to be an amazing four days.

You can check out all the additions as well as listen to one of our favourite exclusives, Beyond Creation, below.

New additions below:

Chelsea Grin
The Faceless (UK Exclusive)
Beyond Creation (UK Exclusive)
Uneven Structure
Humanity’s Last Breath (UK Exclusive)
Exivious (UK Exclusive – Final UK Show)
Panzerballett (UK Exclusive)
DSME (Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors)
Virvum (UK Exclusive)
Ghost Iris
James Norbert Ivanyi
Sleep Token

Sean Harmanis, Make Them Suffer – 7/2/17

Just before doors flew open and the crowd swarmed in, we got to sit with Make Them Suffer vocalist Sean Harmanis to talk about the current tour, their upcoming record and the misconceptions people have about metalcore/deathcore.

So you are currently on the UK/EU tour with Chelsea Grin, how has the experience been so far?

Yeah its been cool, the turnouts to the shows have been good. It’s been interesting as we have a few fill-ins on this tour, in fact three out of the five people on stage are fill-ins, its just Nick and myself holding the fort as the rest had to stay home due to work commitments and are saving their money for when the album comes out, but its been cool with good vibes and everyone has been nice.

With the comparison of you last playing on the Never Say Die tour, how has the atmosphere changed with now playing smaller, more intimate settings?

It’s neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It’s obviously been great playing in front of lots of people but we much prefer the shows where there is no barricade so we can get up close with the crowd and get in their faces and see their expressions more. We definitely prefer the more intimate settings.

Has there been any interesting moments during your sets due to the more intimate setting and if not, what would you like to see?

We haven’t had too much. We have had some stage diving during our sets which was awesome, but I remember this one show on the Never Say Die tour that was in Poland which was quite intimate and we had a lot of stage diving action for that. There was one moment where a fan got on stage and accidentally pressed a button on the keyboard that started playing a preset pack that was on the keyboard and it just started playing some shitty drum and bassline. That moment was funny.

With new music planning to come along this year in the shape of a new record, how to you plan to raise the bar that ‘Old Souls’ had set?

Well, I think its just were more older and more experienced. We’ve got a system of songwriting where we all pretty much know our roles and how the songs actually come together. Writing this album has probably been the most organised since we started and we’ve had a few tracks down before the studio. Everyone has found their niche I guess.

When you start writing your records, what are the main goals to get out of the sessions of writing and recording?

I mean, I think the main thing is that its becoming a more oversatured genre and even a more older genre, the metalcore/deathcore scene, It’s hard to set yourself apart from the rest, so obviously it has to be somewhat catchy and stimulating but at the same time it has to be just interesting enough that it throws you off a bit and makes you think about it a little bit more, so yeah it has to find that balance between being super catchy as well as interesting to give it that replay value.

With the added keyboard role, do you plan the instrumentation around the keyboard or do you base the keyboard structure around the songs?

Generally speaking, we start off with a guitar riff bank which would be the starting blocks of a song. Some songs do start off with the keyboard first or anything can come together first such as the drums or the vocals, but in general the songs are written with the guitar structure first. It depends if the song is based around one particular thing, like for example our song ‘Widower’, that keyboard melody came in first and everything came in around that.

Out of all the songs that you have released, which song would you say is your favourite?

Probably, just because its the most recent and I like it a lot, I would say ‘Ether’ because its fresh and its still fun to play live.

What would you say are the common misconceptions about the genre you’re placed in people have?

I’d say there are a few bands that give the genre a really bad name and I think that people are immediately turned away by the notion that its metalcore and ‘just breakdowns’ and they think that stems from a lack of creativity, but the breakdown just ultimately just replaces the bridge as you would get in a pop song. There’s also creative ways that you can do breakdowns, but I think its just got a bad name from some bands but there are definitely bands who are waving the flag, holding the torch and pushing the boundaries of what it can actually do.

The entire band is involved in a old school gangster film. Who is the gang leader, who is the undercover insurgent and who is the getaway driver?

I would say Jaya is the getaway driver, Tim is the undercover cop and Nick is the gang leader.

What upcoming artists from Australia do you think people should keep an eye out for?

Ocean Grove have a new album out and that’s doing really well and we’re currently on tour with Void Of Vision and they’re really cool as well.

What are the plans for Make Them Suffer for the rest of 2017?

Well, we’re going to be putting out new music at some stage this year. We’ve got some tours after this year such as in America with Architects and Stray From The Path which will be really fun. Pretty much just doing that, putting out new music and touring. We’ll probably be back in Europe at the end of year.

Any final words to your fans?

Thanks for reading, Keep on keeping on, A penny saved is a penny earned and don’t eat cheese before noon!

Chelsea Grin & Guests – Live @ O2 Institute3, Birmingham (7/2/17)

What may be one of the heaviest gigs for the younger audience to see all year, Chelsea Grin make their anticipated return to the UK in small venues in light of their recent release ‘Self Inflicted‘. Bringing Betraying The MartyrsMake Them Suffer and Void Of Vision along with them, it’s time to show off what everyone can bring.

Opening up the night were first time travellers to the UK Void Of Vision (8), who burst straight onto the area with ‘//‘ and showed what they were capable of right out of the gate with a booming guitar sound and the band looking to make a statement. With part of the crowd fully behind the newcomers on this soil, the band brought an aggressive sound with their older material such as ‘Nightmare‘ and their closer ‘Purge‘, which will get the newer fans a chance to go back to their older material. It’s safe to say that Void of Vision have made a lasting impression on the crowd, as they should.

Up next, making their return since November for Never Say Die, Make Them Suffer (9) came out swinging and knew they had to show off their versatility to play all kinds of venues, whether big or small. Opening with ‘Widower‘, the piano part comes through and the crowd are pumped up as the group pounce right on this energy and ride it throughout. With the melodic side of the band being shown in ‘Ether‘, their newest song, and then going back into their pounding low end with ‘Blood Moon‘, the band are making themselves known much more and will definitely be one to keep an eye out when their new album drops.

Being probably the closest to home that the vocalist Aaron Matts will be on this tour, Betraying The Martyrs (9) had an amazing time on stage with it mostly being in the dark due to the influx of flashing lights on stage, but it didn’t take away from their stride at all. With now three albums in, their setlist went into as much heavy as they could with tracks such as ‘Unregistered‘ off the new release and older track ‘Man Made Disaster‘, the band make the entire night one to remember and with the crowd fully behind them it didn’t show any signs of slowing down the entire night. It’s a band that you should go and see whenever you get the chance this year because you will definitely not be disappointed.

Coming now was the main attraction and the band and Chelsea Grin (9) were ready to smash the boundaries that their selective genre has them in and boy did they do it. Opening with ‘Skin Deep‘, they were ready to show off their newer material to the fresh faces with a whole barrage of crushing production in their wake. Amongst this, they did a discography spanning set of their albums and not letting up with their older material also getting some time in the sun with ‘My Damnation‘ parting out a wall of death and a pick up of what was a quiet night for moshing. With the whole set being an amazing time to see the band in their current state, the encores of the ‘Desolation of Eden‘ material gave the crowd the anticipated end with songs such as ‘Recreant‘ bringing the night to a comfortable and very worn out end.

Chelsea Grin release new song ‘American Dream’, announce deluxe edition

Chelsea Grin have been on a big powerhouse with their array of pounding deathcore riffs and a penchant for bringing a strong dose of aggression to their music. With that, they have announced a deluxe edition of their latest album ‘Self Inflicted‘ which will no doubt draw more fans into them.

You can check out the new song from the deluxe edition titled ‘American Dream‘ below.

Betraying The Martyrs release new song ‘Lost For Words’

With their third album ‘The Resilient‘ being set for a release next year in January, the band are doing what it takes to make sure you have the name cemented into your heads for the next two months. Check out their latest track from the album ‘Lost For Words‘ below to see what they’re bringing!

They will also be doing a UK Tour with Chelsea Grin being the headliners, with the dates being shown below:

06 Feb – Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach
07 Feb – Birmingham – O2 Institute 3
08 Feb – Glasgow – Cathouse
09 Feb – Manchester – Sound Control
10 Feb – London – O2 Academy Islington