Void Of Vision ‘Children Of Chrome’

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Void Of Vision have spent much of their formative years as a band throwing themselves on every show possible in their home country, and subsequently slapping the teeth out of anyone that had enough front to doubt them. Their brash, enraged form of song writing has put them almost in an echelon of their own in terms of the passion they’re bringing to the table. Debut EP Broken // Bones saw the band expand into more than just an impressive live act and with Children Of Chrome the quintet have returned, this time with a full LP under their belt.

The album itself seems to have almost two halves, with one section being set out to get the teeth grinding and another to get the heart throbbing. Void Of Vision don’t succeed at doing both here, but what can be said is that the five piece hit home with much more power in this records’ heart-felt descent.

The hardcore-esque tone of vocalist Jack Bergin when mixed with the metalcore thrashes throughout the album make for an interesting dichotomy at first. But it’s at these points that Children Of Chrome is travelling down the runway at relative speed, but never quite takes off.

Songs such as Blacklist, The Hills and As Above, So Below are all short, punchy affairs with all the musical intensity required to create something memorable. However the results seem like little more than angry rants on civilisation without any real hooks in the song to make us stand up, take notice, and be subdued by what’s on offer here.

Even // which features Drew York (Stray From The Path) is an affair that promises a lot with meaty guitar and pounding bass lines, but never really gets out of second gear and is a surprisingly forgettable venture.

Half way through Wallow is where the record takes a leap forward, with a calming, gentle tone, exploding into chest pumping vocals and a spine shivering riff. This feeling is then carried into lush instrumental Under Skin which culminates with Sunrise, an emphatic blast of emotion and passion, setting up a connection of pain and raw sentiment with its melodic backing vocals and earth shaking riff.

Fair Weather also leans into the style of bands like Being As An Ocean, and is by far when Void Of Vision sound at their most interesting. The mix of fury, sadness and emotion that is on offer here give the quintet an avenue that they should most definitely be looking to exploit.

Children Of Chrome is by no means a bad album, but a majority of the record will be stuck in a rut with a large percentage of other metalcore/hardcore bands trying to produce something that can be that little bit different to the rest of the pack. Void Of Vision may still very well have a bright career ahead of them, but there are improvements to be made first.

Score: 6/10

Void Of Vision Announce Deal With UNFD

Void Of Vision are a Melbourne Metalcore act that recently signed with UNFD. The band’s debut album Children Of Chrome is set for release on September 30th.

Children Of Chrome as an album has been described as “being a statement for people who give a fuck in a world intoxicated by power, greed and hatred.”

The bands first track // features Drew York (Stray From The Path) with the band being cited as huge influences to Void Of Vision. Check out the track below