Prong – Zero Days

A dictionary entry describes a Prong as “each of the separate parts of an attack or operation, typically approaching a place or subject from different positions.”  The reference is almost a perfect definition of the above named New York metallers in that they combine many different metallic stylings to come together as somewhat of an unstoppable musical force.

A little history on the band ; starting out in the late 80’s hardcore scene, Prong were led by the uncompromising vision of frontman Tommy Victor and after signing a major label deal at the tail end of the decade, moved slowly away from the sound which they had become known for. Landmark release, 1994’s Cleansing saw the band hit upon industrial metal sounds, leading to tours with titans such as Pantera and SepulturaHaving succeeded in morphing their sound throughout the next few decades, Prong arrive in 2017 with latest release Zero Days.

Almost bursting at the seams with fury, However it May End revels in Slipknot-esque riffery, calling on Victor’s ferocious bellowed vocals to drive the opening track. The band’s crossover thrash leanings come into play throughout the record also with Forced into Tolerance letting rip with full throttle drumming ; underpinning both the faster and groove-based sections of the song.

It’s refreshing to hear that, aside from the all out thrash, the band incorporate melody into their sound too, coming across as more technical Fear Factory at times and providing standout moments such as Blood Out Of Stone which feels closer to the nu-metal sound that they helped forge in the mid-90’s.

The consistent nature of the record helps tie everything together too. Whether it be the more commercial sound of anthem Divide & Conquer, the winding groove of Self Righteous Indignation or combining both on the excellent Interbeing – Zero Days manages to sound completely fluid without coming across as one dimensional.

For the already initiated, Zero Days will come as no surprise and picks up almost exactly where last years X-No Absolutes left off. This is no bad thing though, as the record has enough identity and topical subject matter to stand alone as one of the band’s better later-day releases. A fine example of a band who haven’t let up despite passing musical trends, Zero Days has plenty for metallers around the globe to enjoy.

Napalm Death announce UK/EU tour with Brujeria and Power Trip

If you like some aggressive grind core elements with some crossover thrash thrown in for good measure, Napalm Death have you covered with this upcoming UK/EU tour. With supports Brujeria and Power Trip, its time to get moshing!

Check out all the dates below as well as listen to Napalm Death too!

25.04. Copenhagen (Denmark) – Amager Bio
26.04. Gothenburg (Sweden) – Pustervik
27.04. Stockholm (Sweden) – Kraken STHLM
28.04. Flensburg (Germany) – Roxy
29.04. Magdeburg (Germany) – Factory
30.04. Haarlem (The Netherlands) – Patronaat
01.05. Köln (Germany) – Underground
02.05. Berlin (Germany) – SO36
04.05. Krakow (Poland) – Kwadrat Klub
05.05. Brno (Czech Republic) – Klub Fléda
06.05. Kassel (Germany) – K19
07.05. Saarbrücken (Germany) – Garage
09.05. Birmingham (UK) – O2 Institute
10.05. Glasgow (UK) – Classic Grand
11.05. Manchester (UK) – Rebellion
12.05. London (UK) – The Electric Ballroom

13.05. Paris (France) – Le Glazart
14.05. Antwerpen (Belgium) – Zappa
16.05. Six-Fours-Les-Plages (France) – Espace André Malraux
17.05. Geneva (Switzerland) – L’Usine
18.05. Bologna (Italy) – Zona Roveri
19.05. Karlsruhe (Germany) – NCO Club
20.05. München (Germany) – Backstage
21.05. Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Effenaar

Deserted Fear – Dead Shores Rising [REVIEW]

Bringing the strong death metal vibe from Germany, Deserted Fear are looking forward to making you talk about them a whole lot more with their upcoming record ‘Dead Shores Rising’. Planning to fill your lives with some of the most crushing riffs, punchy grooves and the aggressive growling they are known for, it might be safe to say that this could be their most enjoyable release to date.

The close to two minute intro that the record has sets up an eerie yet adventurous atmosphere with the orchestral sections that no doubt provide you that epic ‘walking onto the stage’ song to make your presence known with the fans in attendance that you’re not messing around when it comes to your music as it goes straight to a punchy tremolo picking riff that will no doubt get the headbangers. ‘The Fall of Leaden Skies’ bring in such a ferocious element once the tracks start to pick up with the drums getting more into it as the time goes on. The whole band don’t show any signs of slowing down are making every note count with the boisterous production sound backing it up. ‘The Edge Of Insanity’ boosts that mindset just a little bit more with a pick up of the pace in some areas. The more harmonising of the chords with the lead guitar works really well in the bands favour and makes quite a lot of the record sound much more fuller in comparison to its counterparts in the genre.

The record’s progression from start to finish keep on being relentless in its waves of not letting up. ‘Corrosion Of Souls’ does a nice change up of his playing routines halfway through with a different pattern, with the last minute or so being something that is full of melody provided by the lead guitar with the drums double kick boosting everything to a higher standard as it leads into the very blackened metal style interlude full of dark piano. That flowing right into again, another unrelenting powerhouse by the name of ‘Towards Humanity’, shows off more presence that the band have. It starts to feel a little bit tiresome in some areas with the similarities that tend to fire on all cylinders, but this helps make the record sound a lot more rounded and doesn’t seem to stray too far into obscurity.

Within the last few songs of the album, the record seems to go a bit more on its own death metal binge, but spices it up with a bit of crossovers. ‘Face Our Destiny’ picks this up already with some fixed riffs that would sound right at home in a more modern hardcore setting and would be a great crowd pleasing track. Both ’Til The Last Drop’ and ‘Carry On’ perfectly execute both sides that the band has to offer with amazing musical structure, with the latter sounding like a very powerful old school metalcore track that you would hear from Unearth’s catalogue. The two bonus tracks that are offered are actually two of the most standout appearances of the whole record. It’s something about those two tracks being on a similar playing field, but being that much more differently nuanced makes ‘A Morbid Vision’ hit that much harder and ‘The Path Of Sorrow’ feel like the albums true closer.

Deserted Fear know how to bring the raucous sound that people have heard and love, with many of the tracks feeling just as big as their previous songs or the songs that follow them. If you enjoy your death metal, then this album is a definite pick up for you. You might find a few surprises!