Pestifer – Execration Diatribes [REVIEW]

Bringing the death metal hard and raucous are Portugal’s own Pestifer who are looking to make your love life much more aggressive and heavy this Valentines Day. Adding more punch to this record than their previous ones, this should channel some of your great death metal records and hopefully bring something exciting.

Whilst the 35 second intro is a solid way to get you drawn in closer and closer to the rest of the album, ‘Mars Exult’ throws you into a complete annihilation of drums and guitar picking to bring so much intensity within the first 30 seconds and carries on throughout with no sign of letting up at all, the constant barrage will feel disorientating for new listeners of the record but once the next song kicks in with a bit more calmer guitar pattern on the song ‘Brutal Eruption Of Chaos’ that has a more followable structure within its grasp. Having that Cannibal Corpse effect with the changing tempos and unrelenting drums, the whole album is an exciting approach to a genre that feels nostalgic in its wake but isn’t afraid to bring a fresher approach to it.

Whilst the whole dynamic of the death metal genre can feel stale in its terms of musical approach to new and old listeners, what it tends to do is have the element of surprise in which you never know what is going to come up next and that is what Pestifer has going for it. With the sudden changes in patterns and tempos with the ever so technical guitar playing that you can tell on the track ‘Dark Dimensions’, its what keeps you second guessing what will be coming from the band next in the song or on the record, and that’s what it should be doing. A true testament to that is the 7 minute behemoth in ‘Riding The Storms Of Hate MMXVI’. To those who haven’t heard the demo version from back in 2010, it gives you a complete destruction of your senses with the drummer using every blast beat in the book, making it a fun but exhausting ride.

This album will definitely be for the big fans of death metal who enjoy this genre heavily. It would be a great album for people to get into once they are more comfortably sat into the music and definitely gives you a great showcase of the more extreme side of what you might have been used to hearing.