Kazoopa Festival 2017 – Review

The Doors to the Lending Room open at 11:30 sharp to allow people to begin picking up their wristbands for the second Kazoopa Festival. After a great turn out for the first year Kazoopa was back with an even better line up and enough bands to keep everyone busy all day.


We kicked off the day with our top pick of the festival The Elephant Trees, opening The Lending Room seemed a little bit of a small slot for a band doing so well especially in their hometown. That didn’t stop them packing out the venue at 12:30. In retrospect such an opening act definitely set the tone for an amazing day had by all. With their unique sound and extremely high energy performance they proved why they’re destined for great things. Describing themselves as Acoustic led alt rock, they proved you don’t need a heavy sound to have huge riffs and captivating hooks on every single song.


The Elephant Trees  - Kazoopa Festival - 25-11-17-1

One of the first bands of the day, coming from Leeds, who were sadly playing their last show that afternoon, was a unique sounding heavy indie duo named KRAM. Their highly energetic set made for a great start to the day. Even though it was early afternoon the venue had a decent crowd, everyone was getting into the vibe of their music, making causal onstage conversation with the band, general positive vibes. This being made better by a solid performance from both members, they work well as the duo they are. Producing loud hard hitting indie rock with strong aggressive vocal work, the songs they played were well structure, catchy and easy to get into. Got a good reaction from audience.



The Brazen, A proggy indie five piece hailing from Yorkshire/ Birmingham areas, solid first impressions of them right from the start, they produced a brilliant instrumental piece and this was just sound check at the time, showcasing a tight performance from all members before their set even properly started. There wasn’t too much of a crowd at milo’s at the time, but that easily was made up for with the amount of energy from the band members, always interact with each other, or giving audience members reasons interact. While I was watching them, I feel like their music adds quite a fresh sound to the genre of indie rock their music thanks to the use of some rather tasteful guitar work. Clear influence from stone roses, queen, stereophonics, etc. Generally just producing some rather enjoyable music to be honest. Probably one of the best audience reaction to a band from the day because of how the venue the was situated, there is a street level window, so even a few passersby were able to join in.



Following on from The Elephant Trees at The Lending Room we have another local band making waves Atlanta House. These guys have a very unique sound which clearly comes from their varied influences, this in turn gives them great blend of different genres throughout their set. As they mentioned multiple times throughout their set they have dropped a debut EP called Home which is available on all streaming platforms.


Atlanta House  - Kazoopa Festival - 25-11-17-1

My first thoughts while I has watching Furr, was I bet the Foo Fighters sounded a lot like this when they were first starting out, these guys very much have that vibe about them. Straight away, lots of visible energy coming out of their live performance, like that infectious kind of energy, really gets everyone in the mood for them. Constantly talking to the audience, bridging the gap, keeping us engaged throughout their set. Their style of music provides a template which everyone can relate to, to thoroughly enjoy. From what i got from it felt it has Foo Fighters/Queens Of The Stone Age mixed with variations of pop punk. All the general enjoyment that was coming from the band has made better by their absolute solid performance, as a band and as individuals, the songs they played were well structured and catchy.



We’ve heard a lot of buzz about newcomer Tom Lumley so he was a must on our list of acts during the day and he definitely lived up to the hype. After recently winning “Best male solo artist” at the NMG Awards Tom had some big shoes to fill in our minds. Kicking off his set to an unfortunately sparse looking room didn’t stop Tom giving 110%. To the delight of the band and everyone in the venue after 1/2 songs the room filled up to and we were hardly able to move. The silky smooth harmonies and soulful voice definitely dragged people in from the street to see what all the excitement was about.


Tom Lumley  - Kazoopa Festival - 25-11-17-1

Mint were easily by far one of my favourite acts of the evening, the four members produced a lively upbeat performance, full of positive vibes. They reminded me a lot of the band that did the intro music to casino royale. I found quite a uniqueness in the way the guitar pieces composed for their songs, mainly the use of effects pedals, made for a rather intriguing overall tone. The vocal work was wonderful, it was a shared job throughout the band, you were able to pick up on all sorts of different tones. The band’s overall musicianship was fantastic, immensely tight set, huge amounts of energy from all band members made for an incredibly comfortable positive atmosphere for everyone. Heavily engaging with the audience right from the offset of, my favourite part was when they throw an inflatable alligator out into the crowd, the lead singer also did a bit of crowd surfing that was a fun time. It has a packed out venue, they had an extremely strong audience reaction, everyone seemed to love them.



After hearing about the hiccups at the Milo bar venue we were worried we wouldn’t get to see Benson but Kazoopa pulled it back and sorted the venue out meaning we could get our fix of these energetic, crazy bastards. Even though Milos isn’t the venue it once was, that didn’t stop Benson getting everyone on their feet and even dragging in a few people from the street to come join in the madness.


Benson - Kazoopa Festival - 25-11-17-1

Blank Atlas was next on our agenda, we just couldn’t go through the day without hearing these guys amazing blend of smooth harmonies shared evenly throughout the band and their heavy riffs perforating our ear drums. Right from the get go, their heart pounding drums had everyone head banging. Breaking two strings on two different guitars didn’t slow these guys down one bit. They powered through and kept their raw sound throughout. Their basslines and fuzzy guitars made the hairs on our neck stand on end. We’ll be keeping an eye on these guys, if this performance is anything to go by, they will be huge.


Blank Atlas - Kazoopa Festival - 25-11-17-1

The Franklys, coming from London are a all female indie punk four piece, the music that they played felt like it had noticeable unique sound, from my perspective sounded quite fresh in the genre. Even from the offset of their performance it was rather noticeable, it felt like their music had a lot more of focus on the instrumental aspects of their songs. From what I heard there was some rather intricate drum segments, made for some rather interesting grooves, and welcoming change to listen to, however though i did find the vocal work to be lacking in points but has easily made up for in with their performance as a group. The music they were producing was catchy and easy to get along with, just generally enjoyable to the ears, it resonated well the with the audience that has there at the time, especially coming off the back of Mint, everyone was still rather hyped. There wasn’t too much crowd interaction from the band but that was easily made up for it with their performance and energy.



Nova Hands came as a quite nice unexpected surprise for me, I saw three guitars, and thought this could be interesting if they all play well together, but what wasn’t to my surprise is that they absolutely did play well together. Wonderfully solid performance from all members, the music they were producing from their set was musically intricate full of catchy hooks and riffs, it was music that felt rather unique in genre that can feel rather stale at times. Because I felt their music was rather technical, I’d like a to compare their music to bands like Dance Gavin Dance or least the lighter side of them, it felt just generally very enjoyable and easy to get set into the groove of their style of music. The music itself, the crowd reaction and the band’s audience interaction were all met with equal amounts of energy. The high amounts of energy made for a rather positive atmosphere, giving audience members a reason to want to interact, mixed with a highly charismatic front man provided solid grounds for an overall positive show.



We decided to take things down a notch and give our ears a rest so we headed to Bad Apples which was the acoustic stage for the festival. This was about to be headlined by Martha Phillips whom is the lead singer of The Elephant Trees. After a few technical difficulties with the venue PA Martha powered through and showed her excellent vocal range and insane talent with a loop pedal. It was a pleasant surprise to hear The Elephant Trees tracks done acoustically but still hold the huge hooks they’re known for. Martha even threw in a few covers which all went down a charm.


Martha Phillips - Kazoopa Festival - 25-11-17-1

Kovax provided quite an unexpected show that evening, as well as rather welcome upbeat change of pace. My first thoughts were that they might have been another regular indie band, because that it would fit the rest of the festival, but I was rather mistaken, they probably caught a few people off guard i would imagine to be honest, Kovax came in with big heavy riffs and absolute solid vocal work, made for a lots of energy been produced throughout their set, was infectious energy amongst everybody that has watching, made it very easy to get to keep up with the fast pace of their music. I feel this helped them gain a good relationship with audience, there was laughs and jokes exchanged between the two. I found their style of music somewhat unique as I felt in a lot of the songs that they played contained little bits of mathcore elements which you wouldn’t really find in either hard rock or indie. The music that Kovax played for us was just generally loud, engaging and enjoyable. The audience that was there made for a packed out room and everyone seemed to be taking quite well to the vastly different change of pace in music.



Carnation are a three piece indie rock group from Manchester, they were the second to last band I saw that night. Bands like the Arctic Monkeys were easily recognisable influences in their overall sound, which I can imagine helps an audience quite a lot in been able to connect with their music that bit more. They weren’t a massively energetic band, but I felt that has made up for with the overall quality of their music and crowd interaction. Just generally good musicianship from all three members. They produced some interesting music, from the aspect from the instrumental pieces mainly, I found the tones coming from the two guitars to be rather unique and different to what you would normally hear in this genre. They had some solid, well written songs throughout their set, just simple and enjoyable stuff to be honest, digestible for everyone.



Late Night Legacy, a funk rock four piece, hailing out of Leeds, one of our last bands of the night, and quite easily one of the best bands of the night even. Just right off the bat just so much energy and groove, easy to see why these guys are progressing in the industry the way they are. All band members just charismatic as each other, constantly interacting with audience whenever performing wasn’t necessary, a tambourine was handed out to audience members in couple of songs to get things started. They were there just out to generally creating a super positive atmosphere for the venue, making everyone feel like they should be involved. This atmosphere was backed up by an extremely solid performance all the way through their set, even with just picking up each band member’s individual piece of music they sounded fantastic, I couldn’t say anything bad their musical abilities even if I wanted to. There was what felt like a lot of influence from the early funky side of Red Hot Chilli Peppers floating around in their sound. Again though that’s a sound a lot of people can relate, so that’s going to always work in their favour.



Headlining the whole festival, we had the pleasure of seeing the enigmatic The Wholls. We’ve seen these guys a couple of times before and knew they we’re going to one of the highlights of the festival for us. We knew they would pull a crowd but we never expected to see The Lending Room so full. The band entered the stage and greeted the organiser of Kazoopa Mick with a Happy Birthday message then kicked straight into what turned out to be one of the best performances we’ve seen all day. Their raw charisma shone through and had half the crowd off their feet singing almost every word back to them. It’s unusual to see such a varied blend of genres in one band which is clear with these guys with a slight hip hop edge to their indie/Alt rock sound.


The Wholls - Kazoopa Festival - 25-11-17-1

Heavy Scotland is back for 2018!

Heavy Scotland festival will return  in 2018 with a new date, lasting for three days from Friday 31 August to Sunday 02 September, at to Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange.

Exclusively playing in Scotland in 2018 are: metal legends Carcass, thrash titans Gama Bomb, Brazilians Nervose and local favourites Perpetua.

Purchase tickets from this link.

Under-18 tickets are available now. Super Early Bird tickets available from just £66.60 and Student Weekend tickets at just £50.

The news follows a highly impressive first year from Heavy Scotland, placing Edinburgh on the international metal map. Headliners Behemoth and Arch Enemy topped a stellar bill, which also included the likes of Fleshgod ApocalypseDestructionFinntrollHavok and more. Garnering local and international acclaim, Heavy Scotland is fast becoming Scotland’s national heavy metal festival, and is the largest of its kind in the country’s capital of Edinburgh. Borne from a love of all things loud and with a passion for the local scene, Heavy Scotland is an event deserving of the attention so far received. Stay tuned for more information as it comes.

Kazoopa Festival Preview

Kazoopa Festival is returning for a second year on the 25th November. This metropolitan festival held in all your favourite venues around Leeds City Centre and held by your favourite Leeds promoters Double Denim Live. Kazoopa is hitting hard with their incredible line up of indie/rock/alt bands to quench your thirst during the winter months where most bands go into hiding to write new tracks.


Check out the full line up below

Musicology’s Top Pick

We’ve chosen our top band from the whole line up that we think you should check out on the day (or just in general). Along with 4 more that you definitely need to add to your playlist.


The Elephant Trees

The Elephant Trees are a Leeds based band (recently relocated to Manchester) who are taking the scene by storm at the moment. With three tracks currently released all of which are absolute bangers these guys will be huge in no time.

Check out their video for their latest single Open Up below

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theelephanttrees/


The Wholls

Check out their video for their track X21 below

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thewholls/



Check out their video for their track Milk below

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDarma/


Late Night Legacy

Check out their video for the track I’m an Eagle below

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LateNightLegacy/



Check out their video for the track Elise below

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/WeAreJustMint/


We had a chat with one of the organisers Mick Dolman (Double Denim Live) about the festival and what it means to the scene. Check it out below.

For anyone who isn’t aware of what Double Denim Live/Kazoopa is, what do you do?

Double Denim Live are National promoters putting on the best new bands at venues across the country in cities such as London, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds, which is where we are based, plus many more. Kazoopa is a project of Double Denim Live and its a multi venue inner city festival bringing the best new bands to Leeds for a full day of some serious rock n roll.


What was the main reason behind starting Kazoopa Festival?

We see a lot of festivals of a similar style all over the country but none really focusing on new bands. Most if not all these kind of festivals always have a few big names on playing the big stages so we thought we would create Kazoopa Fest where all the focus is on new music.


Are there any plans to increase the size/location of Kazoopa? Maybe adding a second city to the mix.

This is the second year for kazoopa and we have increased from 5 venues to 8 which is a big step forward. As for taking Kazoopa to other cities, we have spoke about it and maybe its something we could look at in a few years, i think we need to build its reputation first and then see where it takes us, but yeah, its definitely a possibility.


How did you decide what bands you wanted to play this year’s Kazoopa Festival?

It was a tough one this year, we had over 1000 applications which is madness. We wanted bands who work hard in promoting themselves by constantly playing shows and making a name for themselves. There would be no point booking a band that plays once or twice a month because there would be no buzz about them. Look at the likes of Sheafs or Avalanche Party, every week there’s something up on social media about a gig they just played or tour dates etc, as a promoter thats what you want to see when putting on something like Kazoopa.


Where would you like to see Kazoopa go in the future?

It would be fucking insane if we got to a point where we would need to book a venue like O2 Academy or Stylus for the main stage. When we do get there we will still give you a press pass dont worry.


Any last words for the readers?

Yeah, keep supporting the scene, keep supporting live music because when its gone you will all be moaning, especially the ones that stay at home and watch x factor instead of coming out to a venue and enjoying the atmosphere and smell of sweat at a proper gig. Support small venues. If you do go to gigs dont just go to the venues where its cool to be seen, go visit small venues because trust me, some of the best gigs i have been to have been in 100-125 cap venues….and last but not least, please buy a ticket for Kazoopa Fest 2017. We are totally independent with no financial backers so we rely solely on ticket sales to keep kazoopa going.



Pick up your tickets for Kazoopa Festival here – https://www.kazoopafest.co.uk/tickets/


Social Media Links

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kazoopafest/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/kazoopafest?lang=en

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kazoopafest/

Website – https://www.kazoopafest.co.uk/

Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/160829974391692/324355478039140/?notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity&notif_id=1511123805131705



Hope and Glory festival cancelled

Hope and Glory Festival in Liverpool has today announced that they will no longer be holding the Sunday section of the event due to ongoing issues with the site/organisation.


Bands such as Reverend and the makers, Ocean Colour Scene and Clean Cut Kid were due to play the Sunday at Hope and Glory.


The organisers of the festival announced the cancellation with a Facebook post and Tweet, see below


The organisers released the following statement about the festival

“A message from the HOPE & GLORY Festival organisers.

Dear all

It is with the deepest regret that the organisers of HOPE & GLORY made the decision to cancel the Sunday of the festival. We can appreciate how disappointed and angry the festival-goers are as we are feeling the same. To say that the organisers feel anything short of devastated would be a gross understatement.

Whilst we accept responsibility for our festival, we believe it is important that we are wholly transparent with the issues that led to our decision.

We are conducting a full review into what happened, however it is clear at this early stage that multitudinous failures by the Production Management Team, headed by Richard Agar, resulted in a plethora of issues that meant the decision to cancel the festival was made. Again, the festival accepts its responsibility but the public attending the festival need to know the truth behind our decision to sadly cancel the festival. We already know at this early stage, that we be taking legal action against some parties employed as a result of the failures.

We will now address some of the key points that led to our decision and also provide correct information about some of the comments that we have seen made about the festival and other matters of concern:

We are aware of a social media account claiming to be Jannet Loures. We are equally aware that the comments by this individual will have caused further distress to us and the public.

We have never heard of this individual yet she claims to be solicitor to the HOPE & GLORY Festival. Her comments and claims should be disregarded as should many of the fake accounts that appear to be engaging with her comments. We believe we know the source of these and the police have been advised.

We have seen a number of comments suggesting the festival was over capacity.
In joint agencies group meeting Angie Redhead, Head of City Assets for Liverpool Council advised the group that the capacity allowed is 15,000. This was noted in minutes of the meeting.

The number seemed very excessive to Hope & Glory Festival Ltd and our company advised the council and emergency services in attendance that we were very uncomfortable with the capacity that Angie Redhead of Liverpool Council advised on behalf of the council.

As a direct result of the festival statement of concern, the capacity was reduced by 2,500 people.

We can confirm that contrary to claims on social media, at no point did the festival exceed the capacity agreed by the SAG (council, police, fire, ambulance).

The festival was concerned about the numbers and so decided to further reduce the capacity on the day by mid afternoon and stopped selling day tickets as a way to do so thus reducing the capacity below that that had been sanctioned by the Sag (blue light services and Liverpool City Council). It is worth noting that if we had proceeded with the 15,000 Angie Redhead of Liverpool Council had advised the festival then this would have been at a severely dangerous level. We are relieved we did not.

We are very aware of the claims of excessive queues, bottle necking and late running of stage times which also led to the cancellation of one major act.

The festival accept that this occurred and profusely apologise to the public and artists for this.

However, it is important to acknowledge why these issues occurred and whom was responsible for them. Whereas Hope & Glory accept ultimate responsibility for the event we must highlight the issues caused not only to the public and Hope & Glory festival but to other companies involved in the delivery of the festival also.

The festival employed experienced Production Manager Richard Agar and his team to deliver the production element of the event. The Production failed to deliver a site that was ready in time. We had agreed that doors would be opened at 11am though advertised at noon. This was agreed with the Council, blue light services and all contractors for the event including Richard Agar.

Mr Agar and the team he appointed to carry out the production sadly did not deliver the site as ready in time for 11am. We view this solely as a management issue as his team appeared to work exceedingly hard to address what they needed to.

At 12:45 William Brown St was still having build materials cleared from it. As a direct result the festival opened 1 hour and 50 minutes later than agreed and 50 minutes later than advertised. These had a massive impact on the queues that never recovered from them until much later in the day. We will continue to liaise with Mr Agar and his company and seek a resolution over these issues.

Despite the delay opening, it became apparent that the bridges that the festival had requested be built from William Brown Street into St. Johns Gardens to ease congestion had not been built. We believe that these were the sole reason for the bottle necking that occurred. We requested that these be delivered by Mr Agar’s production management as agreed and they clearly were not.

The festival became concerned during the course of the day. We requested to a PCSO onsite that a senior police officer join us to assess the matter. That occurred along with us putting in place a temporary measure to imporove the flow of people movement between the gardens and William Brown St. That resolved the matter though we realised it was still not ideal. We held entry back onto the site whilst we revieqwed the steps taken with the police and opened them again when we were sure that public safety had once again been established.

We will continue to liaise with Mr Agar and his company and seek a resolution over these issues.

We profusely apologise to all customers, artists and management alike over the late stage running and the necessary cancellation of one main stage act and reduction of some set lengths. It was necessary for all the reasons above.

All ticket purchasers should consult the company they purchased their tickets from for advice on this.

We have reported to the police the theft of property from the festival site and in particular from St.George’s Hall. We had previously been advised by council officials that our office in St.George’s Hall was a safe place to leave our belongings and that there was sufficient security in the building. It seems however that our belongings were not safe from Angie Redhead of Liverpool City Council’s decisions and I will address that now.

On Saturday evening, all of the artist riders were laid out in Suite 2 of St. George’s Hall. The value of these were circa £2,000. We have been advised by Angie Redhead that most of this was “donated’ when she said “We made the decision to give it away”. A decision they were not authorised to make.

Angie Redhead claimed that the ‘perishables’ would have “gone off”. This is remarkable as the food was not perishable within two hours (!) but that most had long dates on them and even the shorter dated products had a few days – certainly enough time available to drop us an email asking what should be done with them. There was certainly nothing that would have gone off, save perhaps a pint milk we understand was there and the room was not so warm that it would have caused an issue to any of the products. As we know the Sunday was a much cooler, rainy day too!

Even more concerning was that out of the vast amount of alcohol in that room, most of it was gone – including all the spirits (bourbon, gin, whisky, vodka, rum etc) and all but one of the plentiful bottles of wine. A small amount of the alcohol has been returned but no spirits and only one bottle of wine. Again, Angie Redhead advised, when challenged that she had “Made the decision to give it away”. For the avoidance of doubt, the quotes I have attributed to Angie Redhead here are exact. As a council official, and without contacting the festival organisers (we had been on site that morning and were again that afternoon).

We were refused entry to check it which given my quiet demeanour when working with the local authority and discussing the riders we were most surprised at.

No-one in the festival set up with such responsibility received any email from Angie Redhead. We consider that theft of Hope & Glory Festival Limited owned goods.

There was cash and two Mac computers present in Suite 1. The macs we may have located and the money I need to look into but, as we have said already, Angie Redhead chose not to allow me entry into the building – a decision I am still unclear on why she too as it was our belongings in there. As I had already been in the building 5 minutes earlier and was asking where my Macs were, we can only imagine she made that decision because she knew we were about to discover about the alcohol.


Some of the above will not apply to you all but we are attempting to be as transparent as possible and will answer any other questions we can. Some matters will of course lead us to legal action against some parties so our apologies if at this stage we can’t answer everything.

Hope & Glory Festival wish to once again apologise to all our customers and acts and others involved. We are desperately saddened that what was to be a superb and exciting festival ended in cancellation. We did so because the Health & Safety of all of our customers takes precedence over anything else and we felt that given the issues of the Saturday, these could not be assured.

Such concerns will always be our priority and we will update you on more as our investigation continues.

We have received a question about the festival cancellation for the Sunday. We cancelled the Sunday after we became increasingly aware that the work required by one contractor had not been carried out. We felt that we were fortunate that no-one was injured on the Sunday during the bottlenecking and that the festival site was still not going to be as requested. We had dismissed from site the Production Manager and decided that it was more important to that the event be cancelled rather than have a second day where health and safety could be potentially compromised. Simply put, there were too many elements that had not been addressed by the company tasked to provide them. Our sincere apologies about this.”


They also followed the above announced with one regarding an address to write to and a short statement regarding refunds

Y Not? Festival cancel Sunday

Y Not? Festival has been forced to cancel the Sunday of this years sold out festival due to adverse weather conditions.


This comes after already being forced to cancel The Vaccines performance.


The full statement from Y Not? is below


Unfortunately we’ve had to take the difficult decision to cancel Sunday due to the adverse weather conditions across the weekend, after consulting all the relevant authorities. The safety of our guests, performers and crew is our primary concern and the potential risk was too severe for Sunday to go ahead. We are very sorry for the disappointment and disruption caused to everyone who was looking forward to the final day of the festival. We understand that people will have questions about refunds. We will be giving all our guests further information about this over the coming days.

We advise people to pack their tents and belongings and leave the site calmly over the course of the day. The event team, security, and stewards are here to help and assist.

Car Parks
The car parks have also been affected by the rain and we have put in place additional measures to support the safe departure of all guests. Please bear with us at this time, as it may take longer than expected to exit.

Car Pick Up Point
The pick-up and drop off area for cars is operating as usual, please follow the signs. If you are picking someone up please use the designated area and do not stop on the main road.

If you are already booked on a Sunday shuttle bus to Matlock and Buxton Train Stations, please head towards the VIP car park. Please check social media and our website for updated information.

Big Green Coach Departures
Please follow the regular social media update and our website for further information on the Big Green Coach departures.

For those of you who are unable to leave site today, Y NOT will provide support in the form of campsites, welfare and food stalls which will be open and staffed throughout. If you are planning on staying, please do not pack up your tent and equipment.

The medical and welfare services are operating as usual and are located next to the Village Green, should any guests require any additional support and assistance.

Phone charging is available at the Village Green. Cash Machines are located near the Giant Squid venue. Food stalls will be trading as normal in the campsites and festival arenas.

We will be providing all guests with further information about this in the coming days.

Ending Y NOT 2017 like this was an incredibly difficult decision and we are as disappointed as you are. Getting guests off site safely is our number one priority. Please bear with us and if you do need to contact us please be advised that our response may be a little delayed at this time.

Thanks Everyone


Keep an eye on the Y Not? website and Facebook page for details regarding refunds.

Fort Fest 2017 Cancellation

Bedfordshire’s Fort Fest has been cancelled due to low ticket sales, the festival, due to be held at the start of August, was about to celebrate it’s second year running. With a mixture of sounds plus small and more well known bands being part of the experience, it’s a real shame this has been the outcome.

“We are deeply saddened that we have had to cancel Fort Fest. After a very promising start last year, ticket sales have been extremely disappointing and there was no prospect of us being able to deliver the festival that we had planned or that everyone involved deserves. We would like to apologise to everyone who has bought tickets and to the bands and traders that supported Fort Fest.  Full refunds will, of course, be forthcoming this week.” – Jon Hewitt, on behalf of The Fort Records


UK Tech-Fest announce after parties

UK Tech-Fest have announced the details for this years after parties.


After Parties
Thursday: My/Bitter/Half + Musica Masonica + Conjurer
Friday: Strains + Death Remains + Continents
Saturday: Hypophora + Meyoumusic + Super Jam
Sunday: BEAR + Slamtera (Harbinger covers Pantera) + Techeoke


1:00pm Jøel Pinder (FRAKTIONS) – Polyrythms/Chord Voicings Masterclass
2:00pm Ash Cook – Digital Marketing Industry Insights
3:00pm Matt Ball (NYCOSIA) – Bass Masterclass

1:00pm Steph Knight – PR Industry Insights
2:00pm Sarah Longfield – Tapping Master Class
4:00pm Mendel bij de Leij Artist PageAborted – Guitar Master Class

1:00pm Harrison White (Novena) – Rehearsal Etiquette
2:00pm Arnaud VerrierUneven Structure – Drum Masterclass
6:00pm Linus KlausenitzerObscura – Bass Masterclass

1:00pm Jan ZehrfeldPanzerballett – Guitar Masterclass
2:00pm Double Slit Guitars – Product Demo + Q/A
3:00pm Gareth Mason “Slice The Cake” – (Fire bars) Lyrical Concepts Masterclass
4.00pm James Norbert Ivanyi – Guitar Masterclass


The Black Dahlia Murder – UK EXCLUSIVE
Chelsea Grin – UK EXCLUSIVE
Textures – Final UK festival show
Beyond Creation – UK EXCLUSIVE
The Arusha Accord
Rolo Tomassi
Uneven Structure
The Algorithm
Martyr Defiled
Humanities Last Breath – UK EXCLUSIVE
Oceans Ate Alaska
Panzerballet UK EXCLUSIVE
Carcer City
Drewsif Stalin
Exist Immortal
Sarah Longfield
The Fine Constant
Red Seas Fire
Shattered Skies
The Colour Line
Maxi Curnow
Within Destruction
Ghost Iris
A Trust Unclean
James Norbert Ivanyi
The Royal
Valis Ablaze
The Parallax Method
Core Of IO
Dream Waves



Boardmasters announce official after parties

Boardmasters have announced their official after parties for this years festival.


Boardmasters takes place in Newquay between Thursday 10th and Sunday 13th August 2017, the after parties will host well known DJs in the best clubs in the city.


Check out the full schedule below

Thursday 10 August Tom Zanetti and K.O Kane



Pied Piper Unknown MC

DJ Red Hot

Shy FX

Stamina MC

Friday 11


Danny Howard



Flava D

Jack Swift


Good Life presents

The Deep Sea Dance Off

Saturday 12 August Jaguar Skills

Alex Ross

Soul Shape


Bronx Cheers


Good Life presents

The Deep Sea Dance Off

Plus guests

Sunday 13


    Good Life presents

The Deep Sea Dance Off

Plus guests


Check out the highlights video below