Fit For An Autopsy – The Great Collapse [REVIEW]

Known for their strong staple placement in the deathcore scene, Fit For An Autopsy have been showing off their strong guitar tones and pounding breakdowns since 2008. Now on their fourth album, the band are set to show no signs of slowing down as well as giving you the music you all know and love.

Within the first track, you might feel that the vocals sound very similar to Thy Art Is Murder within their delivery and it goes without saying that ‘Hydra’ pounds through mercilessly with the guitar tones ringing through, especially with the lead melodies that escape and make a solid mark on the track. Moving into ‘Heads Will Hang’, the band slow down the guitar patterns in the beginning and make it sound just as evil and menacing as their older material, but once the pace picks up the band sound a bit chaotic in their approach before throwing into something anthemic and encapsulating in their choruses. The band are able to make things sound so effortless with the aggression being channeled as well as the more entrancing singing that happens around two thirds of the way in. Moving into ‘Black Mammoth’, the guitar lead takes more of a front seat again, with the tremolo picking patterns adding a nice all around atmosphere for the track, but that doesn’t mean that the heaviness takes a backseat as the band still cement themselves as one of the most destructive forces.

The band still continue their onslaughts with tracks like ‘Iron Moon’ feeling just as angry as the album did in the beginning and keeping those same styles and themes carried through. With their chord progressions and the higher pitched screams adding much more of a depth in his vocal range, it really kicks off the second half of the record even more. ‘When The Bulbs Burn Out’ starts off quite eerily before the rhythm section comes out swinging. The bass starts getting its own small little features but the emphasis tends to stay around the guitars and their technicality which is also shown during ‘Too Late’. The latter half of the record does tend to experiment a bit more with the clean guitar patterns such as with the penultimate track ‘Empty Still’ which feels like it could come straight from a Deftones back catalog. The raw emotion that is coming off the vocals for this track makes you feel more invested in the song as it gives you something exciting from them at this last juncture.

The record itself is a brilliant showcase of how to progress in their genre in a natural flow with tight production and crushing lead patterns that bring the whole record to a very high point. It’s moving forward from their latest release in the right direction and is undoubtedly cementing them as one of the most enjoyable deathcore bands around.



Within The Ruins & Guests – Live @ Mama Roux, Birmingham (30/11/16)

Bringing something technical, something completely heavy and a touch of the metalcore, Within The Ruins brought a nice and flavourful lineup to Mama Roux’s in Birmingham to show off what some of the best of the USA has to offer!


Opening up first was the four piece metalcore group who slammed the accelerator down straight away with their bouncy riffs and aggressive verses which, to the small crowd, has people bobbing away and enjoying what they bring to the table. Their drummer wins the award for being the most inventive with his playing, doing arm curls with the hi hat during a songs closing breakdown whilst Sean Mcculloch’s vocals transcend through the speakers. Whilst it might have felt much more flowing with a lineup of bands like Bury Tomorrow and Fit For A King, the quartet showed people a bit of diversity and gained themselves a few more fans.

Rating: 4/5


Up next brought the disgusting side of heavy with Pennsylvania showing off just how destructive they can get. With old tracks like ‘The Box’ and ‘Warpath’ making your doubts about whether new vocalist John Robert C. can hit it like the past vocalist fly straight out the window. The hardcore/beatdown crowd came into full effect once the slam-like qualities of their breakdowns came into fruition as well as newer songs ‘Bloodlust’ ringing just as true as it does on the record. ‘Little Black Line’ shows off Wyatt McLaughlin’s cleans to a great point and the sound of the whole instrumentation, as well as the vocalist, protruded from the speakers to an amazing extent. A flawless set and a band to keep an eye on for next year.

Rating: 5/5


There was definite excitement for this next band coming up and they weren’t wrong. The guitars and drums came through as crisp as anything and the tracks, old and new, showed off in the best way. There were parts where the vocals sounded a bit muffled through the speakers during parts where he was speaking to the crowd, so it took out of the moment in some cases, but during tracks such as ‘Flatlining’ from their Depression Sessions split as well as ‘Absolute Hope Absolute Hell’ being shown off to the well receiving crowd, this showed off something great that deathcore has to offer, as well as showing different sides to the band you might not be used to seeing.

Rating: 4/5


Bringing the show to a close is the technically gifted four piece who, with a career defining set, know how to give fans of every era something they will definitely enjoy. Wether it be from their 2010 effort ‘Invade’ all the way up to tracks from their latest release of 2014’s ‘Phenomena’, it shows the band has something incredible in their tanks with Joe Cocchi’s guitar playing being the stand out of the entire night, watching the hands just work all over the neck. With songs such as ‘Feeding Frenzy’ bringing passion and technicality whilst ‘Gods Amongst Men’ adds speed to the equation, their entire time on stage was met with dropped jaws and banging heads. It was just a shame there wasn’t enough people there to witness such an electric display of instrumentation and performance.

Rating: 4.5/5

Within The Ruins Release New Single

Within The Ruinsbased in Massachusetts, have released their new single Death Of The Rockstar exclusively via Revolver Magazine. Their new album, Halfway Human, is due to be released via Longbranch/SPV on 3rd March 2017.

Within The Ruins will be touring with Fit For An Autopsy, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and Phinehas.

28.11.16 – Plymouth The Hub
29.11.16 – London Boston Music Room
30.11.16 – Birmingham Mama Roux
01.12.16 – Glasgow G2
02.12.16 – Sheffield Corporation

Face Your Maker – Ego : Death [REVIEW]

It’s time for some heavy ass deathcore to burst onto the scene from Los Angeles own Face Your Maker. Their upcoming release is set to burn a fire under the up and coming deathcore scene with newer bands now having a target to hit thanks to this new record.

Already with the first track they know how to make their presence. ‘Rubicon’ starts off with an eerie guitar lead much like Thy Art Is Murder did with ‘Reign Of Darkness’ before throwing in the rhythm with a choppy and chuggy riff to bring that well known deathcore open note carnage. The bass guitar grumbles through at some points with a higher end tone than usual right near the end before they fly into ‘Kings Amongst Thieves’ and go on a breakdown bonanza! Some of the guitar patterns follow that of slam with the slow paced guitar pattern followed by a blast beat on the drums, showing they can incorporate any heavy style they need be. It’s definitely a great way to get you into this band as around halfway, they throw in such a disgusting breakdown its reminiscent of the 00’s era deathcore intertwined with the destructive showings of grindcore.

It seems their goal with this album was simple; Bring something heavy and bring something violent, to which they’ve achieved those goals tremendously. Track titles such as ‘Assassination Proclamation’ you should feel come with a warning sticker for what you’re about to witness as the band aren’t afraid to throw anything and everything at you to show you how they’re going to make a name for themselves, whether it be from powerful speed to sections that would fit in nicely at an Oceano show. Then you have tracks that seemingly take on a sort of downtempo persona with ‘Dark Daze’ for the most part going as slow as a snail, but being more violent than ever! You can see that this album isn’t afraid of pushing itself out there to have something that could be added to a gym playlist as well as dubbed over a video of people fighting.

Some great highlights on the record are the songs that seemingly take its on trend and separate itself quite nicely and give the album such vibrance. ‘Trauma’ has a really nice bounce to it and doesn’t try to go out of its way to be extreme in parts, especially when the more melodic lead comes into play and gives the whole track a new lease on life. Also what was a nice surprise was the instrumental album closer that sticks out like a sore thumb. Titled ‘Reflection’, the instrumentation don’t try and destroy you, but more give you a nice way to calm yourself right at the end. It was a weird pleasure hearing this and wouldn’t feel out of place if the band decided to attempt some clean vocals cover the track.

Overall, an amazing and crushing debut record which caters and provides for many fans not just in the deathcore scene, but for those who stray outside those boundaries and look for something a bit more than what they usually expect. A superbly heavy album to end your 2016 with.


The Last Ten Seconds Of Life release new song/video ‘Little Black Line’

As the band have progressed further and further, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life seem to be hitting a very big stride now with this new album coming out on October 21st. With just over a week until release, they’ve dropped a new song titled ‘Little Black Line‘ to give you a taste of their clean vocals and groove prowess below.

They will be coming over to the EU/UK for the first time ever with Within The Ruins and more. Check out the full lineup and dates below for more information.


Within The Ruins Announce European Tour

American death-core band Within The Ruins have announced a tour across Europe which will span from November 26th to December 18th respectively.

The tour also sees Fit For An Autopsy, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and Phinehas on the bill; making it one of the deathcore/metalcore tours of the year.

In regards to the tour Within The Ruins guitarist Joel Cocchi said:

“After nearly six months of writing and recording it’s time to get back out on the road! We’ve put together a great tour package with a bunch of good friends. It’s going to be heavy and classy. Come out to hear some new tunes and support metal”

The Massachusetts deathcore band are said to have taken a different formula when writing their fifth full LP, which is due out in early 2017 with Cocchi claiming:

“We took a step back and kind of reviewed some of our older material. Typically we’d rush and blast out a group of songs and then hit the studio. At the time it felt right. And it had a more organic feel. Now because of a combination of maturity and honestly just feeling sick of the same old formula, we really focused on creating something different sounding”.

The full tour dates are as follows:

26.11.16 DE Freiburg Crash
27.11.16 NL Eindhoven Dynamo
28.11.16 UK Plymouth The Hub
29.11.16 UK London Boston Music Room
30.11.16 UK Birmingham Mama Roux
01.12.16 UK Glasgow G2
02.12.16 UK Sheffield Corporation
04.12.16 NL Haarlem Patronaat
05.12.16 DE Hamburg Hafenklang
06.12.16 DE Weinheim Cafe Central
07.12.16 BE Liege Reflektor
08.12.16 DE Dessau Beat Club
09.12.16 DE Dresden Konk Club w/o PHINEHAS
10.12.16 CZ Prague Nová Chmelnice
11.12.16 AT Graz Explosiv
12.12.16 DE München Backstage
13.12.16 CH Aarau Kiff
14.12.16 AT Wien Viper Room
15.12.16 IT Goriza TBA
16.12.16 IT Milan Circolo Svolta
17.12.16 DE Schweinfurt Alter Stattbahnhof
18.12.16 DE Oberhausen Kulttempel