Fragile Things – Broken Sun EP [TRACK BY TRACK]

UK Rock ‘n’ Rollers Fragile Things deliver their new EP ‘Broken Sun’ on 17th February. However, before then we have the lowdown on the stories and meanings behind the record:

Enemy is I

The first track on our new EP is “Enemy is I”, which is all about the war we wage inside ourselves each and every day, recognising that our own worst enemy sometimes is ourselves.

Open Cage

This is a rare song for us to write as it is a political song.  It was written around the time of the last election and at a time when we were angry about the lack of choice that was out there and by the lack of enthusiasm people seemed to have for what happened to their country.  I felt like evil was winning because the good did nothing and so this song was almost like a rallying song to make people rebel.

Broken Sun

Broken sun is pretty much what it says on the tin.  It’s about the breakdown of a relationship between a father and son.  But I like to try and write things in a bit more of a metaphorical way so the play on words of ‘Son’ and ‘sun’ is there so that people can relate it to any relationship breakdown.

So Cold

This track is all about picking yourself up after being defeated.  It’s about getting your shit together and recognising that the thing you loved or love was actually holding you down and despite how much it hurts, you have to get on with life.

Fragile Things – Broken Sun – Review

UK Rock’N’Rollers Fragile Things have been leaving their mark on the UK classic rock scene and are set to release their latest work Broken Sun during the February of next year. Being inspired by the rock greats of the past the band are putting this modern edge to their tracks. Alongside the release of this new EP Broken Sun the band are in the midst of planning a tour for 2017. With out further a do lets break down this EP.

Starting off this EP is the track Enemy Is I which buzzes with electricity and powerful riffs as the band seem to speed through the 3 minute run time. With it’s crashing drums and persistent vocals this not only kicks the EP off well but it also bodes well for what is to remain on the rest of the EP. During this track one thing does stand out and that is the pure skill of Mark Hanon as the guitar riffs that run through the song seem to carry the track.

Following Enemy Is I is what is possibly the strongest track on this entire release, which comes in the form of Open Cage. As the track begins there is this blistering opening that sticks in the mind not only through to the tracks full run time but also to the end of the EP, as you will find yourself replaying it in your head time and again. Alongside that the soaring vocals of Richie Hevanz truly help tie what is a very explosive and well thought out track together.

Coming next off of this EP is the title track Broken Sun, which carried on this string of strength albeit from the track that was just before it, yet again similarly like it had been with Open Cage the opening of this track is what makes it truly memorable with the very explosive opening and softer verses there is a great juxtaposition between the sections that make up this track. However during this track, it seems to loose steam and starts to weaken and that is unfortunate as with such a strong opening it seemed like it would stay consistently strong throughout.

The final track on this EP is So Cold and is unfortunately the weakest track that comes off Fragile Things‘ EP with a very lack luster track in almost every aspect, however there is some potential in this track but for whatever reason what was possibly a great song in notion wasn’t executed with the same power that the rest of the EP is, but that isn’t to say for those who are more tuned to the tropes of Classic Rock won’t be able to find the key highlights that run throughout this track.

Fragile Things have created an EP which produces a great standing point for the band and their nearby future as it not only shows the bands immense passion but also their ability to construct tracks which not only show off each members talent but also their understanding of the modern twist to classic rock that they play. However, that isn’t to say this EP is perfect, with moments occasionally feeling lack luster it is almost as if Fragile Things‘ new EP is doesn’t always connect in the way they had hoped