Evertim / Fruitcake – Split EP

Who doesn’t love a split EP? Two artists for the price of one, two complementary styles and so much to give. Evertim and Fruitcake, from Brighton and Sussex respectively, are putting out such an EP. Two songs apiece, the two bands work together wonderfully.

With Evertim‘s songs up first, Knots is the opening track. The first striking thing about the EP is the brilliantly apt production. Lending a warm, dynamic sound that brings all the tracks to life. Knots begins with a jovial guitar riff over a thrumming bass before stripping back for a more intricate set of notes to launch into the song proper. Subdued vocals give way to a climactic chorus, it’s subtly powerful.

The shot you’re missing is Evertim‘s second song, beginning with a similar structure. The vocals are more foregrounded here however, and the track in general holds a more rock-oriented vibe. It’s a slightly angrier song, calling out racism, homophobia and media agenda. Abrasive and thoroughly un-ironic, it’s an anthemic track full of ululating riffs and poignant drumming.

Up step Fruitcake with a punk goes twinkly-emo style. The dad bod is in sees some fiddly guitar melodies backing rougher vocals, and the contrast works very nicely. A slow breakdown brings variation to the song before it builds slowly back repeating the chorus lines. It’s a slightly messy track, but in a thoroughly well executed manner.

The final track on the EP is No more food songs. Stylistically it is similar to Fruitcake‘s previous track, with prominent vocals presiding over a decidedly buoyant backing track. The pinnacle of the song is a rhythmic blend of upbeat guitar, twanging bass and well placed drumming notes. Full bodied and unafraid, it’s a great way to finish.

Complete with tongue in cheek song names, Evertim and Fruitcake‘s split is bundled full of warmth and entertainment. It’s an EP that you’ll find yourself returning to, perhaps without knowing quite why. In a quiet manner, both bands have written excellent tracks that enhance each other magnificently.