Dark Vader, Galactic Empire – 6/2/17

Captured and locked up in one of the holding cells waiting further instruction, we were awaiting the presence of Dark Vader to see if he would be willing to let us interview him. After his guards gave us a good scan and he felt we could be trusted, we sat down in the Emperor’s Suite to talk to him about all things Galactic Empire.

For those who do not know, how would you describe Galactic Empire?

Galactic Empire is a culmination of the galaxies most feared musicians doing the bidding of Emperor Ovaltine. We are currently on a quest to conquer the various countries of the Earth.

You are currently touring the UK, a small part of Planet Earth, how is your experience going so far?

The experience has been great, the imperialists have been out in large numbers which has been very cool. Very few rebels have turned up and those that have, have been exterminated so that is always good and we are looking forward to completing our mission..

Boba Sett could not enter the premises as he had forgotten the passcode, so Vader had to reluctantly let him him before giving him the external plans to the mission.

You have just released your debut album, how excited are you now that is fully out there in the universe for people to listen to?

We are very excited. There have been many Bothan spies that have tried to delay the release of the album. Some were successful but we managed to get it out, so that it one mission down. The reaction has been great and it holding down well on your iTunes music charting system. I haven’t checked the stats but the last time I had seen it was #3 overall, #1 in Metal and #3 in Rock and it was holding pretty strong.

What would you say to people to make them come out to a show who might be hesitant?

I don’t see a reason to be hesitant. We’re playing iconic music from a series of documentaries of our galaxy which was written by a man called John Williams. He was pretty much a musical genius, but was a rebel, so we had to put our own Dark Side twist on the matter. There is a number of different audience participation, but there is more than just music at these shows.. YES?!

A Jedi rebel had tried to break into the area of the venue where the interview was conducted, but the guards had caught him and put him under lockdown. He was later seen during the night being forced to do merch duties.

What was your choice to write your music as an instrumental band and not take in a vocalist?

The tracks that John Williams had written do not lend themselves to vocals. The two songs that do feature vocals are sort of a choir, but the original intent was to keep it as an instrumental, so we decided to keep it that way.

What are some of your favourite songs on the record?

Personally, ‘Battle Of Heroes’ and ‘Duel of The Fates’ are big ones for me due to their dark and heavy nature and also capture the theme that we are doing. Also the ‘Imperial March’ because, you know, that’s my theme song.

How did you guys meet to form Galactic Empire?

Emperor Ovaltine, our copyright overlord, tasked me to put together a band of the galaxies most feared musicians to help conquer various planets, specifically Earth. Why Earth specifically? We discovered that the planet’s population is easy to control via popular culture than in an aggressive manner, so rather try the standard route of landing a bunch of armies and take everywhere over, we decided to take this different approach and do it from the inside.

How do you keep yourself cool whilst playing on stage within your attire?

We don’t. It’s very, very hot on stage. I am the unfortunate one in which I do not have a fan built into my armour. The other members have electronic fans built into their helmets, whereas mine decided to malfunction, so I am at the mercy of whatever the temperature of the stage venue. It gets difficult at times with the screens fogging up, but we always have The Force to overcome those issues.

Are there any dream places for you to tour with the band?

I personally would like to go to Japan. I believe that would be the easiest market to conquer. Reason being is that culturally they are into the Earth’s sci-fi and comic books and video game culture, which seems to appeal to the imagery and theme behind our show.

What is your most efficient way to deal with hecklers in the crowd if you aren’t able to force choke them?

We will just have guards remove them and throw them into a holding cell. We will figure out what to do with them after the show.

If all your band members were in the Rancour pit, who would you say would be eaten alive first?

Probably Shadow Ranger (guitarist). He doesn’t have as much of a back bone as the rest of the members do. I believe he would try and talk it down and reason with it first, but he would be the first to go.

If you could be featured in any of the documentaries around your universe, which one would you pick and why?

There has already been three documentaries done on us.

What three items would you associate with your genre?

Guitars, Drums and a Lightsaber.

Star Wars Quickfire:

Cantina Band or The Max Rebo Band?

Cantina Band.

Original Trilogy or Prequels?


Endor or Hoth?

Endor, it’s warmer.

Sand People or Wookies?


Red Lightsaber or Green Lightsaber?

Red Lightsaber.

Frozen in Carbonite or Eaten by Sarlaac?




Shadows of The Empire or Masters of Teras Kasi?

The former.

Pod Racing or TIE Fighter Battle?

TIE Fighter Battle.

George Lucas or JJ Abrams?

Im going to go with George Lucas, just because of how he made us look in the original documentaries.

What are the rest of your plans for 2017?

Just conquering as many civilisations as possible. We don’t have anything stamped into our files just yet but come early spring, summer and autumn, our campaign of darkness will be in full swing.

Any final words to your loyal subjects?

We are most grateful for your support. Please do us the honour of purchasing our debut album. If you see any rebels at the show, please bring it to our attention and we will deal with it accordingly.

Galactic Empire & Guests – Live @ The Fleece, Bristol (6/2/17)

After taking a long haul flight from the galaxy to come to the UK, Galactic Empire have come around to a few venues with the plans of gaining more rebels for their army, with their strong following support of Sithu Aye and local support BOE in tow to make the night that much more memorable.

Bringing the night to a pretty enjoyable opening, Bristol boys in BOE (6) are here to show off what they are able to do well and that is to bring the groove into full effect. With the drummer hidden out of plain sight, the rest of the band brought something that got a few people banging their heads in enjoyment from the openers set. Whilst a few of the songs did tend to drag a little bit, they held their own and didn’t leave much room to drift off somewhere else as there was something there for everyone to listen to.

Up next came Scottish based prog guitar sensation Sithu Aye (10) who’s amazing technical display of beautiful melodies and low toned bounce combined with gripping solos made for one of the most enjoyable 45 minutes that people will experience this year. With the whole set being all intrinsically linked by the songs being played, being lost in a whole progressive nature with newer tracks like ‘Transient Transistors’ adding an aggressive touch to the tone whereas the 2014 song ‘Messengers’ provided a much more melodically energetic and clean approach to his writing style that a lot of people might not have known about. Overall, the experience was breathtaking and the closing on ‘And Here’s To Many More’ gives a lovely glimmer of hope that this wont be the last you’ll see of them.

Then it was time for the rebels to be exterminated and the riffs to be enjoyed by many. Galactic Empire (10) brought the room to an amazing peak with their atmospheric entrance before blasting right into ‘Main Theme’ for everyone to cheer loudly and raise their horns into the air to kick off their set. Filling in the gaps of their songs with some great dubbed over humour and even a force choke during the set, the band pounded through their set with ‘Imperial March’ and ‘Cantina Band’, with the latter being the most enjoyed track by the venue with dancing and bouncy balls being batted around all over the place to bring the party mood up. After a powerful set and what felt like an amazing time, the band boosted it even further with the encore of ‘Duel Of The Fates’ giving the venue that final hurrah and pleasant ending everyone wanted and the raucous applause gave the evening that final pièce de résistance that makes this gig one to remember for the rest of the year.

Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire [REVIEW]

There’s no doubt about it, Star Wars is a gigantic franchise whose popularity could only really be compared to that of the Marvel/DC franchises of recent dates. Although for the latter, you can’t say that they’ve had any metal bands be formed because of their status. Enter Galactic Empire who are getting ready to bring you massive amounts of shred with some of the most nostalgic feelings running through your veins whilst you’re in that moshpit in your head.

Once the first track kicks in with the ‘Main Theme’, that feeling that normal listeners may have about a bunch of metal dudes ruining your favourite soundtrack are squashed. The precision in the guitar playing with the lead following the main premises of the track whilst the rhythm boosts it up in a technical metal/djent sort of fashion and make it such a unique experience. The cleaner sections which are more invoking with the electronic sounds that boost straight back into the full instrumentation of the band from front to back. The same is said for ‘Imperial March’, the second song on the album which shows off their way of keeping mostly to the original track and not straying too far to unconventional tactics, but still having a small notion of their own originality embedded into the track, which is mostly down to Boba Sett’s drumming capabilities.

Probably most people’s only redeeming factor of Episode I, ‘Duel Of The Fates’ brings this amazing build with the bass and drums combining and creating something truly magical. The choir vocals over the top of the track with the key changes and guitar lead makes for a really sublime combination. Once again, the same mindset flies through this track and the rhythm section boost out an amazing amount of bass in listening to it. ‘The Force Theme’ keeps that amazingly detailed and beautiful lead, with a quiet tremolo picking in the background adding a really nice atmosphere to the almost two minute track, whilst the rhythm becomes more minimalist than anything. It’s a nice showcase of their clean sound before being thrusted into the action packed ‘The Asteroid Field’ with the immediate guitar harmonies being a great showcase on this track. The four minute song throws a lot at you in terms on trying to keep up with it but it works pretty much in its favour with once again the drums at points boosting up small nuances of the guitars.

The guitar effect right at the beginning of ‘Battle Of The Heroes’ serves as the main underline for it, but the entire track instrumentally could be placed into a monstrously epic final boss battle with the double kick and guitar rhythm working together simplistically whilst the choir vocals heighten up more and more as it progresses. As it finishes on a build up, you get transported to the extra groovy ‘Cantina Band’ which does near enough what you expect it to do. It’s heightened use of following what the jazz musicians did back in the day is amazing and gives you a prime example of what a really positive djent band would sound like. Moving into ‘Ben’s Death / Tie Fighter Attack’, it brings a massive flurry of blast beats and double bass kick and as always they have small throwbacks of the same riff. Musically, this track feels a bit underwhelming to what has been produced from the first half of the song before the second half feels more at home and more well rounded with the sensation that it belongs on the record.

The final three tracks also bring an amazing approach to what you have already heard. ‘Across The Stars’ has such a strong grip on what it is bringing to you. Whilst it felt like some of the more cleaner parts could have shone on a bit longer, the entirety of the song feels epic and grips you so hard. It seems to build and build before it reaches its climax and falls back to where it started with the intro of the clean chords and guitar lead leading the charge. The whole take on ‘The Forest Battle’ goes on a lot more of a technical and dissonant approach with the band going on a full speed assault with no one showing signs of letting up! For the penultimate track, it undoubtedly gives you another onslaught of phenomenal musicianship. Bringing the album to its epilogue with ‘The Throne Room / End Title’ as deems so fitting, it rounds up the album in such a nice way and gives you even more of that progressive and technical metal that you’ve heard right from the beginning. Giving you those last 6 minutes of everything you loved before, this band give you another chance to be floored at their creativity.

At its core, this band create something that could be deemed far from a ‘cover band’, but they have made something marvellous in terms of the Star Wars universe, making tracks that are very atmospheric turn into hellacious riff heavy contraptions that will no doubt open your mind to something new and something different. There’s nothing else to say other than… Live long and prosper!

Galactic Empire Postpone UK Tour

Galactic Empire have postponed their UK tour next year as to coincide with the release of their debut album which launches on February 3rd via Rise Records. The following statement has been released:

“Greetings loyal subjects of the U.K. System. The rebel traitors have stolen our plans for the upcoming December 1-20 tour dates. We have been forced to re-schedule our sonic devastation for February 2017. All tickets sales will be honoured for the new dates, or refunded. There will be no one to stop us this time!” – Dark Vader

 Nick Johnston has been replaced by instrumental progressive act Sithu Aye due to being unable to make the rescheduled dates.

New tour schedule:

Wed-1-Feb    London    UK    02 Academy Islington
Thu-2-Feb    Southampton    UK    Joiners
Fri-3-Feb    Milton Keynes    UK    The Craufard Arms
Sat-4-Feb    Brighton    UK    Patterns
Sun-5-Feb    Plymouth    UK    The Hub
Mon-6-Feb    Bristol    UK    Fleece
Tue-7-Feb    Cardiff    UK    Globe
Wed-8-Feb    Birmingham    UK    Academy 3
Thu-9-Feb    Leamington Spa    UK    Zephyr Lounge
Fri-10-Feb    Manchester    UK    Satans Hollow
Sat-11-Feb    Edinburgh    UK    Opium
Sun-12-Feb    Glasgow    UK    ABC2
Mon-13-Feb    Newcastle    UK    Academy2
Tue-14-Feb    Reading    UK    Sub89
Wed-15-Feb    Oxford    UK    Academy2
Thu-16-Feb    Derby    UK    The Venue

All tickets will be honoured for new dates or refunded.

Galactic Empire Set To Release Self-Titled Album

Galactic Empire, who have garnered music and sci-fi fans alike, are set to release their debut self-titled album via Rise Records on February 3rd. The band performs classic pieces from the iconic soundtrack of the Star Wars films written by John Williams.

AT LONG LAST! Our preparations are com…plete. The mighty Galactic Empire will unleash our ultimate weapon in the battle to bring heavy metal to your galaxy. The puny humans at Velocity and Rise Records have succumbed to the crushing power of the Dark Side and will release our debut full-length album on which we pay tribute to Supreme Sith Overlord John Williams with 11 tracks of pure sonic devastation. Join us, and together, we can rule the galaxy! Galactic Empire 

Track Listing:
01. Main Theme
02. Imperial March
03. Duel of the Fates
04. The Force Theme
05. The Asteroid Field
06. Battle of the Heroes
07. Cantina Band
08. Ben’s Death: Tie Fighter Attack
09. Across the Stars
10. The Forest Battle
11. The Throne Room: End Title

Grab pre-orders here.

Check out Imperial March below: