UK Tech Fest announces second lot of acts for festival

The next announcement has come from UK Tech Fest and boy are they pulling out the big guns! With new UK exclusives joining the fray such as The FacelessBeyond Creation and Humanity’s Last Breath joining other heavyweights such as Chelsea GrinUneven Structure and Ghost Iris, its shaping to be an amazing four days.

You can check out all the additions as well as listen to one of our favourite exclusives, Beyond Creation, below.

New additions below:

Chelsea Grin
The Faceless (UK Exclusive)
Beyond Creation (UK Exclusive)
Uneven Structure
Humanity’s Last Breath (UK Exclusive)
Exivious (UK Exclusive – Final UK Show)
Panzerballett (UK Exclusive)
DSME (Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors)
Virvum (UK Exclusive)
Ghost Iris
James Norbert Ivanyi
Sleep Token

GHOST IRIS have released new single and video

Ghost Iris have released a new track and video for the track “Save Yourself” from their upcoming album “Blind World” which is due to be released on 17th February.


Pre-order “Blind World” below

Blind World


Vocalist Jesper VicencioGün said “Save Yourself is the next level of Ghost Iris. We wanted to create almost a pop song but with metal instrumentals, which I think we achieved. The video is our bid for a “Euphoric State” pt. 2. We upgraded from the bicycle to a limo. We’re funny like that.”


Check out “Save Yourself” below


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Ghost Iris – Blind World [REVIEW]

Bringing you a powerful and gripping progressive metal punch with some flavourful time signatures and tempo changes, Ghost Iris are getting ready to deliver you something that will you will have no doubt not heard from the Danish before.

Immediately thrown into something destructive, ‘Gods Of Neglect’ comes in with such a crisp sound with its distorted guitar riffs and punchy drums that you can help but have a smile put on your face with its simplistic technicality. The low growls that comes through are super gripping and flow really nicely when you have the punchy bass undertones cut through over the lead guitar that makes it even more atmospheric. Going with a lower sounding tuning, ‘Save Yourself’ comes through again with something just as exciting as the opening song. The feature of clean songs coming through the guitar chord harmonies are a really nice touch and give off such a different side that the band take with the more elated sounds that it carries over into the third track ‘The Flower Of Life’ with a much more positive outlook in its guitar approach and reminds you that metal is not all about just bashing out the lower note brutality.

This mentality for the first three tracks carries throughout the album and gives you some really nice gems to sink your teeth into. ‘No Way Out’ pushes the heavier boundary a bit more my utilising a lot more of the lower strings to its advantage, which in turn brings out the rest of the band in its own unique way. Within sections, the track can sound somewhat sadistic before you delve further into the album and are met with the self titled acoustic led two minute slow jam, showing off more of its majestic qualities. Carrying that on with even more singing prominence with ‘The Silhouette’, the band are even more brash with their joyful taste of what they can bring to the table and makes their album that little bit more dynamic and great to listen to from front to back.

The band are pushing the boundaries that little bit more and showcase you a side of them very passionately and with good merit. Whilst the album can feel a bit one sided in its approach at times, they always have a way of drawing you back in with a varied bag of ideas.

Ghost Iris sign with Long Branch Records

Danish Metalcore band Ghost Iris have been added to the Long Branch Records roster. The band will release thier new album worldwide early next year.

The band said: “It is such a pleasure to continue our journey as a band with Long Branch on board. It makes us proud, it makes us happy but most importantly it boosts confidence to our ambitions and dreams.”

Ghost Iris were founded in 2015 and since then the four-piece have made a name for themselves with successful live performances at Euroblast, UK Tech-Fest and more.

Florian Kreutzfeldt – A&R Long Branch Records – adds:Ghost Iris was one of the highlights at this years Euroblast Festival, so we immediately decided that we want to work with this band. We are really proud to welcome such a young, ambitioned and creative band to our LBR-family.”
Check out the video for their latest single V I S T Λ below.