Ghost Season – Like Stars In A Neon Sky [REVIEW]

Hailing from Athens, Greece are alternative metal band Ghost Season looking to make a strong mark and showcase their influences. Their upcoming debut album ‘Like Stars In A Neon Sky’ is set for release on January 27th and with a world of oppurtunity, they’re ready to dive in and sink their teeth into the world of music.

The pounding heartbeat follow by what sound like guitar harmonics lead the intro of this track and the effects and mixed production come into play to show of a different style to what you might have already heard of the genre, but unfortunately it doesn’t have that much gripping for an opening track like it feels it should. Then it kicks into ‘Sons Of Yesterday’ and the pace picks up a bit more and brings a little bit more excitement to the record. The double bass pedal for the drums helps pound the riff that much more into your skull and has that flavour of old school Trivium. The vocal harmonies work really well and even though the vocals sometimes feel a bit off with the actual tone  of the track, the band soldier on and make everything still work in their favour. The riffs keep on getting pounded through by the guitars whilst the bass provides the undertone in headbanger ‘Fade Away’, picking this album up a bit more and gives you that anthem feel in its choruses with the subtle screams hidden in the background.

The band knows what works for them and that is providing something that instrumentally is very pleasing to the ears. Near enough all of the tracks have that power to get you headbanging whether it be with the more old school heavy metal feeling of riffs with songs such as ‘War Of Voices’  to the fresher new era style with that nostalgic twinge that comes with songs like ‘The Mirror’ that give you a different perspective of what the band can achieve. The softer and acoustic driven sections are prominent in quite a few tracks. Where you might find them on just one or two, Ghost Season definitely use the numbers game to their advantage and it makes the album flow that much more nicer. Whether it has a southern twinge like ‘The Vampire’ or not, its a experiment that has pretty much succeeded for the group. The vocals are what are give this album the dirt mark on what is otherwise a good record. Whilst the harmonies flow really nicely and the track previously mentioned bring some gravitas to it, most of the time it feels out of place and could turn away first time listeners.

From start to finish, you will find an enjoyable piece of music from a country you probably wouldn’t expect this from. Even though there might be a few things that might turn you away at first glance, that doesn’t stop the band pushing and creating something that is a really nice way to start of their debut album.