Ragehammer Release Debut Album

Polish Metallers Ragehammer have released their debut album. The album, titled The Hammer Doctrine, is available to stream hereThe black-thrash band have been quoted as saying that the record was made “with cold hatred of the modern world and contempt for the values of love and humanity“, also laying claim to being raw, hateful, unrelenting metal in its most primitive form.

The tracklisting for The Hammer Doctrine which is out now via Godz ov War Productions is below.

Track List:
1. First Wave Black Metal
2. Unleash the Dogs
3. Wróg
4. Warlord’s Fall
5. Knives
6. I am the Tyrant
7. Pure Hatred
8. From Homo Sapiens to Homo Raptor
9. Spotkanie z Diabłem (Krzysztof Klenczon i Trzy Korony cover)