Era 9 release new video

Era 9 have released the video for their track “Hero” from their new album “Gravity” due out on the 5th May.


1. Ammunition
2. Warrior
3. Gravity
4. Bare Bones
5. Earthquake
6. Hero
7. Money Talk
8. Like That
9. Black Widow (Tick Tock)
10. Haunt Your Monsters
11. Scripture


“When we formed it was like an undeniable force; a magnetic field that surrounded our individual selves; that when we got close enough to each other, there was no ignoring the fact that our mutual passion for music, performing and writing would become a true reality if we stuck together. We’re open-minded and appreciative of all genres of music. The idea of ‘TrapRock’ was created by this admiration of different musical styles.” says guitarist Jona Dhe Paganon.


Check out the video at the following link



Check out Era 9 live in Montreal below

Architects release ‘Gravity’ music video

It is impossible to consider anything Architects release currently without the gravitas of the death of Tom Searle, and that’s not something the band are trying to hide.

The band have released a music video for the emotionally charged Gravity, from their recent album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, stocked full of footage from the band’s tour of the album late last year.

Gravity is a song written, like all the others, by Tom Searle, and this music video is an appropriate celebration of his art. Watch Architects doing what they do best.