Alteras grief scars

Alteras release ‘Scars’ video

Youngstown, OH rockers Alteras have just released the video for their track Scars. The song is taken from their debut full-length Grief, which was released earlier this year.

Bassist Zack Orr said: “we shot the video in Manhatten, NY with ‘Urban Humans’ (the dancers). The video was actually recorded on the roof of one of the dancers’ appartment blocks. The elevator was broke in the apartment, so we had to carry all of our equipment up 10 floors to the roof… Scars was recorded with the rest of our album with Nick Ingram at Capital House in Columbus, OH”

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Watch the video below:

Alteras – Grief

Youngstown, Ohio’s Alteras are definitely not your orthodox hard rock/metal band. At random intervals, the band turn into one straight from the radio with poppy hooks before proceeding to break down to start ripping through a heavy, sludgy breakdown introduction. However this may sound, it’s actually pretty impressive…

The band have just signed to Revival Recordings, owned by Shawn Milke of Alesana, so they have supporters in pretty high places. The record is along the lines of something you’d expect from a band associated with Milke in that it has a high level of technical skill yet remaining accessible musically.

The vocals throughout Grief are so hugely varied, as one second they are ripping up a scream and the next they’re clean and powerful to provide a melodic touch, then shooting straight back to brutality again with the next line. The best example of this would be first single Could Ever Love that starts with a clean verse and chorus before descending into a bone-crushing breakdown and coming back up again with the verse. This track then gives way to Everything You Wanted which opens in a suitably coarse and almost vulgar fashion that proves so energetic and downright exciting to move the record forward.

The instrumentation is technically very intricate, with all of the whole band parts having a bold and full-bodied chording sequence that varies from track to track, with patterns varying within most lines. The lead guitar is practically always playing a riff over the top of the rhythm guitars going underneath, and the crashing bassline goes along to match. The drums show excellent skill, with a cymbal-heavy style that isn’t overly exaggerated yet shows off Seth Donchess’ ability effectively.

Standout track has to be Something More for the plain fact it is so punchy and hook-ridden. The vocals are melodic in parts and in others straightforward, hardcore screaming. The guitars have pop punk energy with a hard rock-esque riff over the top to make it that bit more technically advanced and it brings a greater depth and intricacy to the sound. Notable mentions go to Oh, Tragedy for being an arena rock track waiting for the band to get there, and Black Box for showing the true versatility of the band with acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies.

In addition to the original tracks, there are three live recordings from their Medusa show are on the end of the record, and these bring out the raw emotion from the lyrics in a different style and express them in in a different manner that gives another side to the story.

Overall, an outstanding album with a track for everyone and some truly fantastic moments. This band should be going on some pretty big tours quite soon if this record is anything to go by, and with their musical abilities clearly incredibly strong it will serve the band well.

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