Sunlight’s Bane – The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried [REVIEW]

Blending a few genres together can either come out really well or sound like an incomprehensible mess. In come Sunlight’s Bane who are looking to show off a great blend of black metal with grind and hardcore to make something that is full of aggression and full on to the point you just want to punch walls. Does it give the desired effect? Let’s find out.

You already feel the first half of their influence with the song ‘Praise The Venom Shield’ with the track going into a unbridled frenzy before sounding like a mosh pit anthem around the halfway mark. The show of passion within each section gives off that same feeling of bands like Weekend Nachos with their switch ups from fast paced anguish to the slowed down mosh sections. As it bleeds into ‘Begrudging Soul’ who flows into a lot more of the hardcore grind level into effect with this track, but as the dissonant chording comes through a bit more alongside the pounding blast beats it gives off a new beast and brings a new level of excitement alongside it. ‘From Heaven Wept’ is another 2 minute bash that booms loudly with the guitar sound coming through the speakers. Sounding just as crushing as death metal releases over the few years, the band show off a lot in their sound, albeit a bit muffled at times with the higher screams not having as much grip as the ever pummelling lows.

One great thing that stands out is that even with most of the longer songs, some reaching around 8 minutes, they have a lot of depth and seem to tell a story in each track. With the slower distorted playing of the guitars with the higher screams now adding more spice to the record with tracks such as ‘Dance Of Thorns’ being a prime example of that making the black metal influence ring true. The guitars add such an eerie atmosphere in those sections but also bring a violent aspect during the more hardcore/grindcore elements that the band bring into and this kind of versatility make this record such an enjoyable experience. Songs like ‘I Am The Cold Harsh Whispers In Hell’ help bring that kind of aggression in spades that don’t utilise too much of the black metal influence that give you a difference side to the band and shape this record really nicely.

For their debut record, Sunlight’s Bane have created something that encompassed two very distinct genres and combined them into an excellent musical listen for fans of both genres. Whether you enjoy artists such as Mayhem or Culture Killer, this band will give you a great span of time with many minutes of pure unadulterated metal.

Ritual Festival announces final selection of bands

If you like your black metal, your grind core, your death metal and your extreme passion for headbanging then you will be excited for Ritual Festival in April! The final announcement includes Anaal NathrakhUnfathomable RuinationBossk and Kurokuma. You can check out the full line up below and listen to one of the newly announced bands as well!

Full Line-up for Ritual Festival 2017:   
Ihsahn (UK Exclusive)
All Pigs Must Die
Anaal Nathrakh
Misery Index
The Afternoon Gentlemen
Unfathomable Ruination
Corrupt Moral Altar
Serpent Venom

Face Your Maker – Ego : Death [REVIEW]

It’s time for some heavy ass deathcore to burst onto the scene from Los Angeles own Face Your Maker. Their upcoming release is set to burn a fire under the up and coming deathcore scene with newer bands now having a target to hit thanks to this new record.

Already with the first track they know how to make their presence. ‘Rubicon’ starts off with an eerie guitar lead much like Thy Art Is Murder did with ‘Reign Of Darkness’ before throwing in the rhythm with a choppy and chuggy riff to bring that well known deathcore open note carnage. The bass guitar grumbles through at some points with a higher end tone than usual right near the end before they fly into ‘Kings Amongst Thieves’ and go on a breakdown bonanza! Some of the guitar patterns follow that of slam with the slow paced guitar pattern followed by a blast beat on the drums, showing they can incorporate any heavy style they need be. It’s definitely a great way to get you into this band as around halfway, they throw in such a disgusting breakdown its reminiscent of the 00’s era deathcore intertwined with the destructive showings of grindcore.

It seems their goal with this album was simple; Bring something heavy and bring something violent, to which they’ve achieved those goals tremendously. Track titles such as ‘Assassination Proclamation’ you should feel come with a warning sticker for what you’re about to witness as the band aren’t afraid to throw anything and everything at you to show you how they’re going to make a name for themselves, whether it be from powerful speed to sections that would fit in nicely at an Oceano show. Then you have tracks that seemingly take on a sort of downtempo persona with ‘Dark Daze’ for the most part going as slow as a snail, but being more violent than ever! You can see that this album isn’t afraid of pushing itself out there to have something that could be added to a gym playlist as well as dubbed over a video of people fighting.

Some great highlights on the record are the songs that seemingly take its on trend and separate itself quite nicely and give the album such vibrance. ‘Trauma’ has a really nice bounce to it and doesn’t try to go out of its way to be extreme in parts, especially when the more melodic lead comes into play and gives the whole track a new lease on life. Also what was a nice surprise was the instrumental album closer that sticks out like a sore thumb. Titled ‘Reflection’, the instrumentation don’t try and destroy you, but more give you a nice way to calm yourself right at the end. It was a weird pleasure hearing this and wouldn’t feel out of place if the band decided to attempt some clean vocals cover the track.

Overall, an amazing and crushing debut record which caters and provides for many fans not just in the deathcore scene, but for those who stray outside those boundaries and look for something a bit more than what they usually expect. A superbly heavy album to end your 2016 with.