Reading & Leeds announce a big ol’ list of bands!

If you were wanting some more bands for Reading & Leeds, this might help with the appetite for more music as more than 100 bands have been added to the list. Involving such acts being announced like PVRIS for the main stage and Breaking Benjamin for the Lock Up/Pit stage, its a sure fire way to find someone you like.

Have a look at the entire new list of bands above as well as listen to PVRIS below!

Chris ‘Fronz’ Fronzak, Attila – 5/4/17

Just as Carcer City finished warming up the Bristol venue, we got the chance to go talk to the well known Chris Fronzak, who is probably more known as Fronz or Fronzilla. We got to talk about their life as a touring band, the new record ‘Chaos‘ and what he would do for $1,000,000.

For those who are not familiar, how would you describe Attila?

I would say Attila is a fun, super heavy band, like party rap metal.

You are currently on the beginning of your headline tour, how is the experience going so far?

It’s been amazing. Every time we come out here, it gets better. We really enjoy being in the UK, all the shows are huge with some being sold out so I can’t complain.

Is there a show on this tour that you are looking forward to play?

I’m looking forward to London. Big city, big show.

Your latest album ‘Chaos’ has been out for a few months now, how has the reception been as a whole?

It’s been amazing. I definitely think the reception for our album worldwide has been great but I think that if anything, the UK likes it a little bit more.

How was the whole recording/production process of the record as a whole, having moved to a different label and different producer?

It was mostly the same really. We showed up to the studio with tons of material, like way more material than we need and then we just comb through it and figure out what we like the best and kind of change it around and make it flow, that’s pretty much what we do in the studio. Our label Sharptone has been amazing, we love our label

With this being your seventh full length, how do you push your bands boundaries when it comes to writing so it feels like its own beast?

I think that we, at this point, know what our sound is and every album we kind of have a new goal, so our goal with ‘Chaos‘ was to incorporate our sound in the most diverse way possible and have an album that’s all over the place with different styles of songs that are all within the Attila style.

Out of all the tracks in your discography, which songs is your favourite and why?

I love all Attila songs honestly, I think everything we write is fucking brilliant. If I had to pick a few.. I have a new favourite Attila song every week, so right now I really like ‘Horsepig‘, ‘Unbelievable‘.. I mean ‘Unforgivable‘. I think we have a song called ‘Unbelievable‘, we have so many songs its hard to remember. I really like ‘Moshpit‘ off the new record.

Is there ever an early show in your bands career that sticks out to you or has there ever a show that you have played where you feel like your band had made it/you felt like this band had legs to do really well?

Early in our career we played all kinds of crazy places. We played in mexican restaurants and ice cream parlours and garages, so that was pretty humbling to look back at. I think a turning point, or when I realised this band was going to become huge, was when we were a local band in Georgia but we were pulling 600 people to a show. I think that was the moment where we were like ‘This is pretty big’ you know?

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself as a human growing in the band and personally?

I think, as Fronz from Attila, the biggest thing I see growing in myself is wanting to explore new realms with my voice. On ‘Chaos‘, it was the first time I ever sang in my life and the general reception from the public was that it was really good and that it was fitting with my style because I didn’t go outside of my limits, I kept it within what my voice does and I think people liked that, so I think for me in Attila, the biggest thing I learned as I get older is to stay true to myself but also grow as a human.

As an individual, I think the biggest thing I learned.. Every day I learn something new, but just as a businessman and an entrepreneur I learned so much about business every year because I have so many failures and so many successes at the same time that its just interesting.

Within the band, your solo rap material, your label and your journalism site, how do you find time to yourself?

I definitely stay extremely busy, but I have a team of very very good people that help me with everything I do. My partner with the label is always very active and helps a lot, my partners with the journalism website are very active, with the band we all work together as a whole, with my clothing line it’s mainly me doing everything. I think that everything just keeps me busy so I don’t have much downtime for myself.

Can you remember the first time you/your band got hit with backlash/controversy and how did you overcome it?

Shit, we’ve been dealing with backlash since we’ve started! I think at this point in our career, we’ve been a band for 13 years and I think that in your first year of being in a band and getting backlash from everyone around you, I think you learn to not give a fuck by now. If it really affected me in any way possible, I would have broken down about 10 years ago you know? It wouldn’t just now be hitting me. We’ve been getting shit our whole lives, so I just learn to turn it into positive stuff, when I see negative stuff, I smile. It makes me happy.

With your monthly subscription service, how do you deal with the claims that what you do is extorting your younger fanbase for money?

I think that is their opinion because most of the people who are on my website are genuinely aspiring entrepreneurs that are benefiting from the service. I don’t think in any way it’s a way to extort fans. I think that people that say that are obvious haters. I think that anyone who is actually a part of the site knows that it is a very legit service aimed to help young entrepreneurs learn from all the experiences i’ve had in my life. I think its very beneficial and I can’t honestly see any negativity behind it whatsoever.

As your band has now been around for over 10 years, is there anything you would like to be able to achieve in the next 10 that you haven’t already?

Yeah, I would definitely like to do an arena tour. I want to have an Attila plane, like how Iron Maiden has a plane I would like that for Attila. I don’t know, theres not really much we haven’t accomplished, were doing pretty well. I would say that we would make shit ten times crazier.

What bands are on your radar that you feel people should check out?

I think people should check out Vesta Collide, they’re really badass. I think people should check out Spite, they’re really badass. I think people should check out AfterLife, they’re like nu metal, they’re badass. There’s a shitload of really good bands out there who are young and really hungry. If you’re into rap metal/rap rock, Backwordz are really sick too. Theres a load of bands out there who are crushing it!

Your band has a mantra of ‘giving no fucks’, but has there, or will there, ever be a moment in your life where you felt like you should give an amount of fucks about?

If I do give a fuck about anything, it’s about my friends and my family, but I think anything outside of that there is no fucks to be given. Friends, family, fans and then outside out that circle, why the fuck do I care? If you’re not within my circle, you’re not within my world. Chances are you’re just trying to bring me down.

If you could create your own cocktail, what ingredients would be involved and what would be the name of it?

I think a Fronz cocktail would just be a big ass cup filled with liquor and nothing else, like a giant cup of Jack Daniels and nothing else, just to get the job done quick and fuck off.

Would you take $1,000,000 in cash, but every time you spent that money you had to lick both sides of the notes?

Shit, like all one dollar bills?

Let’s say $10 bills, so 100,000 notes, but that counts into change as well, so if you get change band from that $1,000,000 and you spend that you have to slosh that around in your mouth as well.

That’s fucking hilarious. Honestly, I have a really strong immune system so if anything it will just make me stronger so I would probably do it. Fuck it, I’ll lick a shitload of money, might as well, who cares?

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

So after this UK/Europe tour, we go home and play a lot of the massive rock festivals in the US such as Welcome to Rockville and Northern Invasion and places like that. After that, we will be doing Warped Tour again which will be our fourth year and Warped Tour is always massive and we’re really excited to be on that again. After that, our book is kinda open. We definitely want to stay active and create more music.

Any final words to your fans?

Thank you so much to anyone that has picked up our new album ‘Chaos‘. I think that front to back its a very solid album that you will be happy with. If you haven’t listened to it already, just download it off the internet or get it up on Spotify or whatever the fuck you do and just listen to it.