Hands Like Houses

LIVE REVIEW: Hands Like Houses – Islington Academy 3/6/16

Friday night and most people are at home getting ready for a night on the town. However, we all know the right way to start festivities, by heading down to your local venue and catching some live music.

Starting the night with an energetic burst are The Gospel Youth a band that show clearly through their performance that their music means something to them, getting lost within the songs on stage. With only a slight hiccup at the beginning of one song they put on an impressively together performance, for the band’s first tour. Guidelines is by far the track to get everyone’s dancing shoes going, along with DST and Resolutions. With very similar sounds to that of Natives and the now dis-banded Kids In Glass Houses they are pop-rock band tipped for big things in the future, as they improve with every release. [7/10]

Being the first UK band to sign to Infectious Music/BMG, and to Rise Records in the USA, everyone was expecting something bold from Dead! and they didn’t disappoint. Turning the heat and energy up by 1000% they sure know how to put on a show. Their drummer standing on his stall and  while their vocalist was sweating through his shirt making it plain to see just how much the band put into their live performances. Interacting with crowd members through well-loved songs Your So Cheap, Phantom and Skin it’s hard not to like their unique style and get enthused by their organised chaos. [7.5/10]

Next up were anticipated I The Mighty taking the stage for the last time on their first ever UK tour. As soon as the band hit the stage that the energy in the room changed, creating an electric atmosphere within the room. Their guitarist showed some huge skill playing his instrument at unusual angles, while their bassists pure enthusiasm for the playing live helped the audience keep on bouncing, clapping and singing along. Joined on stage by Hands Like Houses own Joel Tyrrell for Slow Dancing Forever, you could see just how much fun the bands had together on the tour. To finish an insanely interactive and energetic performance off the whole room joined together to sing happy birthday to drummer ? creating a pit in celebration. [8.5/10]

Lastly headliners Australian rockers Hands Like Houses were set to take the stage, with incense burning on top of their amps and an army of lights, everyone in the room was finally ready to endure the madness. With the show selling out just minutes before they hit the stage they were set to play their largest show so far, and they knew exactly what to do.

Right from the start their energy was clear to see with Joel Tyrrell swinging his bass around his body while making use of every inch of the stage humanly possible without falling off the edge. Everyone in the room couldn’t help but be involved with their set whether jumping, clapping, starting a pit or singing along throughout the whole set. The band were nice enough to invite members of I The Mighty to join them during a few songs in their set starting the joke that they should change their name to something along the lines of Might Hand Houses. Their set was scattered with songs from their latest album Dissonants such as I Am and Colourblind, released earlier this year as expected given the show was part of the Dissonants world tour. However they still to took the time to pay homage to their older material such as Lion Skin ending the rollercoaster ride with Introducing Species consequently seeing the loudest sing-a-long of the evening and the opportunity to watch vocalist Trenton Woodley be swallowed by the crowd while crowd surfing.  [9/10]

The night was filled with an incredible line up from start to finish and definitely had our dancing feet ready for the rest of the night ahead.

Hands Like Houses Have A New Video

Aussie rockers Hands Like Houses have released the next video in their catalogue, for Degrees Of Separation from their new record Dissonants.

The song was written by Versa‘s Blake Harnage (who also acts as an engineer on the whole record) and PVRIS‘ Lynn Gunn, which reflects in the electronic-influenced pop-rock sound which is very much reminiscent of a PVRIS song, only with vocals from Trenton.

All in all, the video is pretty imaginative and one of the best they have come out with so give it a watch!

Dissonants was released worldwide on February 26th 2016 through Rise Records.