hounds ii

Hounds – II

Released by Panic State Records on the 1st July 2016 Hounds are back with a new album (check out their Facebook here).

Hounds are a band that show the use of Black Metal and Breakdown Hardcore can combine to give listeners an experience that is worth listening to. This is a group for fans of bands such as Hellbastard, Goatwhore and Down and mixes elements of Napalm Death and Nails shows for a wide element from the group. Thankfully however the technicality of this release is of the highest order.

First of the sludgy sense of drums is on full display on this release as tracks such as Nine Swords gives the listener something quite tangible to grasp onto. This is also changed quite regularly as seen on Plague Caster as having quite an intense blast beast sound and one which makes sure the band knows who their audience are. This is for those who love extreme bands and thankfully this group knows that.

This doesn’t mean the EP doesn’t include some quite intelligent or sombre moments. On the track Widow both the bass and drum are isolated at several points during the track and the vocals become more zoned in on. This track matches the cathartic nature as seen on the record and combines it with some more beautiful moments. This is a group which show that they can be broad as well as brief and display something much more audibly gripping.

The use of guitars on this EP is at often points quite minimal in terms of scope of what it’s doing (mainly Groove Metal power chords), but that doesn’t mean that Hounds can’t write quite complex guitar music. The use of a solo on an EP such as this is often surprising but on Plague Caster this is seen for quite dramatic effect. This makes for the band to look quite a wide scope, and have a sense of style that is often missed from this style of music.

Finally to end the EP on fast cathartic Punk inspired track is what fans should come to expect of Hounds. Come in, create destruction, leave, this is a group who’s EP’s show that they’re capable of great things, and hopefully a full album can be released and show outsiders what makes a band like Hounds so great to begin with.