In Lights – Running With Scissors EP

Welcome back feel good, sing along pop punk with the first title-track on In Lights EP Running With Scissors. The song starts with a fantastic intro with a guitar riff that hooks you from the beginning. Thi is followed by vocals from Tanner MayDay who takes influence from experienced pop-punk veterans such as Neck Deep and A Day to Remember also with hints of the fast paced singing that is known from Patent Pending. This along with tight instrumental chemistry that comes through the recordings sets the bar somewhat high for the rest of the EP.

One Year Down starts off slightly heavier, however soon irons out into a cheesier song reminiscent less of core pop-punk and more like teen-girl pandering like 5 Seconds of Summer. Granted, it stands as a likable and memorable song nevertheless you can’t help but feel like the sound they were going for with this song was not achieved properly. It is lacking the heavier side of MayDay’s vocals that were evident in the first track, which may have given it more substance. The track ends as it started with the slightly heavier sound that should have been carried through the whole song.

Play Your Cards Right Kid is the third offering on the EP and shows the most potential for the band. It takes the two different sounds established with the first two tracks and combines them nicely to make a track to be proud of. The song shows experimental elements as well as effective distorted guitar work. The only major criticism, again, is that the vocals just don’t match the heavier side the music the band are producing which is a real shame as it has already been proven with the first track that MayDay is capable of doing so.

By the fourth and final track Turn Tables you now have a sense of what to expect from this EP and you are not proven wrong. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, In Lights have instituted their sound and set out for a place in the music market. All the songs on the EP have been successfully thought out and produced well and lucratively introduced the band and their skills as well as what they are able to achieve. An EP that leaves you wanting more and wondering what their first full length album will entail.


The EP will be released on 1st July 2016.