Dark Vader, Galactic Empire – 6/2/17

Captured and locked up in one of the holding cells waiting further instruction, we were awaiting the presence of Dark Vader to see if he would be willing to let us interview him. After his guards gave us a good scan and he felt we could be trusted, we sat down in the Emperor’s Suite to talk to him about all things Galactic Empire.

For those who do not know, how would you describe Galactic Empire?

Galactic Empire is a culmination of the galaxies most feared musicians doing the bidding of Emperor Ovaltine. We are currently on a quest to conquer the various countries of the Earth.

You are currently touring the UK, a small part of Planet Earth, how is your experience going so far?

The experience has been great, the imperialists have been out in large numbers which has been very cool. Very few rebels have turned up and those that have, have been exterminated so that is always good and we are looking forward to completing our mission..

Boba Sett could not enter the premises as he had forgotten the passcode, so Vader had to reluctantly let him him before giving him the external plans to the mission.

You have just released your debut album, how excited are you now that is fully out there in the universe for people to listen to?

We are very excited. There have been many Bothan spies that have tried to delay the release of the album. Some were successful but we managed to get it out, so that it one mission down. The reaction has been great and it holding down well on your iTunes music charting system. I haven’t checked the stats but the last time I had seen it was #3 overall, #1 in Metal and #3 in Rock and it was holding pretty strong.

What would you say to people to make them come out to a show who might be hesitant?

I don’t see a reason to be hesitant. We’re playing iconic music from a series of documentaries of our galaxy which was written by a man called John Williams. He was pretty much a musical genius, but was a rebel, so we had to put our own Dark Side twist on the matter. There is a number of different audience participation, but there is more than just music at these shows.. YES?!

A Jedi rebel had tried to break into the area of the venue where the interview was conducted, but the guards had caught him and put him under lockdown. He was later seen during the night being forced to do merch duties.

What was your choice to write your music as an instrumental band and not take in a vocalist?

The tracks that John Williams had written do not lend themselves to vocals. The two songs that do feature vocals are sort of a choir, but the original intent was to keep it as an instrumental, so we decided to keep it that way.

What are some of your favourite songs on the record?

Personally, ‘Battle Of Heroes’ and ‘Duel of The Fates’ are big ones for me due to their dark and heavy nature and also capture the theme that we are doing. Also the ‘Imperial March’ because, you know, that’s my theme song.

How did you guys meet to form Galactic Empire?

Emperor Ovaltine, our copyright overlord, tasked me to put together a band of the galaxies most feared musicians to help conquer various planets, specifically Earth. Why Earth specifically? We discovered that the planet’s population is easy to control via popular culture than in an aggressive manner, so rather try the standard route of landing a bunch of armies and take everywhere over, we decided to take this different approach and do it from the inside.

How do you keep yourself cool whilst playing on stage within your attire?

We don’t. It’s very, very hot on stage. I am the unfortunate one in which I do not have a fan built into my armour. The other members have electronic fans built into their helmets, whereas mine decided to malfunction, so I am at the mercy of whatever the temperature of the stage venue. It gets difficult at times with the screens fogging up, but we always have The Force to overcome those issues.

Are there any dream places for you to tour with the band?

I personally would like to go to Japan. I believe that would be the easiest market to conquer. Reason being is that culturally they are into the Earth’s sci-fi and comic books and video game culture, which seems to appeal to the imagery and theme behind our show.

What is your most efficient way to deal with hecklers in the crowd if you aren’t able to force choke them?

We will just have guards remove them and throw them into a holding cell. We will figure out what to do with them after the show.

If all your band members were in the Rancour pit, who would you say would be eaten alive first?

Probably Shadow Ranger (guitarist). He doesn’t have as much of a back bone as the rest of the members do. I believe he would try and talk it down and reason with it first, but he would be the first to go.

If you could be featured in any of the documentaries around your universe, which one would you pick and why?

There has already been three documentaries done on us.

What three items would you associate with your genre?

Guitars, Drums and a Lightsaber.

Star Wars Quickfire:

Cantina Band or The Max Rebo Band?

Cantina Band.

Original Trilogy or Prequels?


Endor or Hoth?

Endor, it’s warmer.

Sand People or Wookies?


Red Lightsaber or Green Lightsaber?

Red Lightsaber.

Frozen in Carbonite or Eaten by Sarlaac?




Shadows of The Empire or Masters of Teras Kasi?

The former.

Pod Racing or TIE Fighter Battle?

TIE Fighter Battle.

George Lucas or JJ Abrams?

Im going to go with George Lucas, just because of how he made us look in the original documentaries.

What are the rest of your plans for 2017?

Just conquering as many civilisations as possible. We don’t have anything stamped into our files just yet but come early spring, summer and autumn, our campaign of darkness will be in full swing.

Any final words to your loyal subjects?

We are most grateful for your support. Please do us the honour of purchasing our debut album. If you see any rebels at the show, please bring it to our attention and we will deal with it accordingly.

Plini announces March/April UK/EU tour with Disperse

With the instrumental progressive rock/metal sound, its easy to get lost into what is being played right in front of you. Now you can do just that with the upcoming Plini tour which will feature Disperse and David Maxim Micic. You can check out his playing styles below as well as what dates he will be hitting up.

Wed 15 Mar • Cardiff, UK • The Globe
Thu 16 Mar • Manchester, UK • Satans Hollow
Fri 17 Mar • Birmingham, UK • O2 Institute 3
Sat 18 Mar • Glasgow, UK • Audio
Sun 19 Mar • London, UK • Borderline
Tue 21 Mar • Haarlem, Netherlands • Patronaat
Wed 22 Mar • Hamburg, Germany • Hafenklang
Thu 23 Mar • Berlin, Germany • Musik & Frieden
Fri 24 Mar • Prague, Czech Republic • Rock Cafe
Sat 25 Mar • Bratislava, Slovakia • Randal
Mon 27 Mar • Budapest, Hungary • A38
Tue 28 Mar • Vienna, Austria • The Chelsea
Wed 29 Mar • Munich, Germany • Backstage Club
Thu 30 Mar • Cologne, Germany • Underground
Fri 31 Mar • Aarau, Switzerland • Kiff
Sat 1 Apr • Calenzona, Italy • Cycle
Sun 2 Apr • Brescia, Italy • Colony
Tue 4 Apr • Lyon, France • Warm Audio
Wed 5 Apr • Barcelona, Spain • Razzmatazz3
Thu 6 Apr • Madrid, Spain • Lemon Club
Fri 7 Apr • Toulouse, France • Connexion Café
Sat 8 Apr • Paris, France • Backstage By The Mill