Nova Collective – The Further Side [REVIEW]

More progressive metal and rock are making their waves into the scene with each band showing off more of their unique abilities. One band that is looking to showcase that is Nova Collective with their 6 track release of long and winding musical creations known as ‘The Further Side’.

Kicking off with a near ten minute colossus, ‘Dancing Machines’ opens up with a piano lick before the drums start to take the reins and flavour it up to feeling much more of a cohesive jazz unit. As the track changes its moments, the band know how to follow each other really nicely with their technicality and ability to replicate each other really well. What is really nice to see is that each band gets a moment to make themselves shine and that motif flows throughout the entire record with a very powerful sound that boosts through the speakers and creates something astounding for the listener. ‘Cascades’ throws you into the mindset of being in a japanese RPG soundtrack, roaming around the open worlds and getting into turn-based combat with creatures around the world. The atmosphere that is reeking from the keyboard is breathtaking and the intensity is only heightened with the carnage of the drum fills and the guitar/bass backing.

The record still keeps itself being unique and exciting from ‘Air’ making you feel very light on your feet but having that power to feel just as gripping and structured as the previous tracks to ‘Ripped Apart  And Reassembled’ which immediately sounds like an old school game menu with the electronic sounds that are emanating from the track with the bass guitar having a little bit of its own highlight throughout the track. The band certainly know how to bring enjoyment and a modernised sound to the jazz flavours with the longer tracks showcasing more of their versatility over a longer timescale. ‘State of Flux’ is a great example of that with its time signature switches and tempo changes with the whole track in one section by the last few minutes seeming to go on this somewhat dark and twisted route within its chording. The record closer, which is the title track to the record, only pushes that amazing quality forward with more emphasis on the melodies being showcased as well as it feeling just as much of a cohesive unit as it it right at the beginning.

The four piece may make you want to break your instruments in frustration for not being as good as them, but marvel at the creation they have put into the world and giving you a new breath of fresh air in a sea of progressive rock. This album is a perfect listen for anywhere you happen to want to listen to it and will be something that will only push the band further.