Real Friends – The Home Inside My Head

Pop punk prodigies Real Friends are back with their second angsty full-length, The Home Inside My Head.

The release comes as the follow-up to July 2014 album Maybe This Place Is The Same… and 2015 EP More Acoustic Songs and marks their third piece of output coming from Fearless Records after signing in December 2013.

The record follows more or less the same path they were following; it has a seriously emotional lyric style from bassist/lyricist Kyle Fasel yet an upbeat and energetic instrumental and vocal melody which brings out a meaning in the words being sung that may not be explored in another manner.

Lead singles Colder QuickerScared To Be Alone and Mess were the best possible options for single releases as they summed up perfectly what the record is about with their distinctive style to let the fans know this record wasn’t going to be the typical “average second” produced by a lot of pop punk bands in the modern market. By no means are they the most technical band ever, they still have that rough-around-the-edges feel that keeps their identity so seperate from anyone else, and these guys really are at the pioneering end of the new wave emo/pop punk revival.

Vocally, second single Scared To Be Alone is the most revealing with its dropping Dan in at the deep end from 0:22-0:33 which even includes a falsetto, which is relatively rare in their past discography but shows the frontman isn’t only talented in shouting and jumping about as he demonstrates most of the rest of the time.

“I’m writing the same song over and over again” (from fifth track Mokena) seems to play true really in terms of repeating the sound of their other records directly but frankly, if it isn’t failing them there’s surely no need to change! They use this to their advantage as they have since the very first EP back in 2011 with their roughness and emotive lyrics, although they have clearly gotten better musicians (noticable through their improved mixing and slightly more polished sound) which plays for the same type of record as their others within their catalogue.

Top picks are Mokena for it’s breaking the fourth wall and the slowed tempo while staying catchy (quite possibly a new encore/set-closer), Mess for its true-to-style writing more than any other on the record and Colder Quicker for adding the perfect close to the record which by no means tails off.

The best video of the tracks released so far though has to go to Mess which was recorded on the $5 US tour they did recently to prove bands can do tiny shows for tiny prices to say thank you, however big they may be:

Finally for those of you wondering, there is not a single mention of “boney knees” anywhere within the 12 tracks!

Overall, the album is a fantastic follow-up to Maybe This Place Is The Same… and keeps them definitely on the road to superstardom within the music industry.

The Home Inside My Head hits stores this Friday (27/05/16)


And, of course, catch the band as Slam Dunk Festival this weekend, it should be a stunner of a set…