JW Edwards – Hearkened Hands [REVIEW]

With some acoustic and folksy tendencies in his writing, JW Edwards is here to present you with his debut EP which will no doubt be a cult classic amongst his many fans. Bringing you something that is gripping as well as touching, it will be interesting to see what he has come to produce with six of his own personal creations.

The opening track starts with a really soft guitar section that works well to ease you into the record as his vocals add a distinct touch to the record right out of the gate, especially when he rings out the harmonies. The distorted bass that bursts through kinda drowns out parts of the track with it booming over the rest of the track and feeling a bit out of place. The next track takes over a more acoustic element with ‘Exile’ feeling like a lullaby with the dulcet tones that ring through the 4+ minute time with the folk/country influences coming through a lot stronger on this song. The acoustic guitar work places itself neatly with the tambourine and harmonies/backing vocals as it coasts through the track at a delicate pace.

As the EP progresses you are dealt with more chances of JW’s expertise in his craft being shown off more. The track ‘The Rain’ feels like a really stripped down version of an Imagine Dragons track as the vocals take full pride with their harmonies working together as the clanking in the background provide some element of beat and atmosphere in the track. ‘In The Morning’ goes back into its acoustic state with with chirping in the forests helping round out the intro of the track. The violins are the instrument that seems to drown out the acoustic guitar as it blares through and the effect used on the vocals is a nice fitting, but can be a bit unnerving for a first time listen.

This EP is a great showcase in JW Edwards musical capabilities as he is definitely pushing his own personal boundaries with his creation. With the whole record feeling really rounded, it is a shame that some of the parts that get drowned out can evidently take you out of the experience for a few songs.