Beyond Recall – Selfish Scars [EP]

Striking you with a groove akin to Don Broco and Panic! At The Disco merged with the captivating style of All Time Low and Bring Me The HorizonBeyond Recall are geared to deliver their hugely compelling sophomore EP Selfish Scars which is set for a Friday 13th January 2017 release.

With a growing reputation and legion of fans, Beyond Recall have been making waves and turning heads throughout the UK and beyond for the past two years. Formed in Bristol, the Alternative British rock unit take emotion, honest lyrics and heavy vibes to a whole new level.

Selfish Scars immediately launches into a loud and heavy track, 140 Characters, which deals with the modern day emotions of quickly getting over something, the chorus lyrics say “I’m over it and over you”. Beyond Recall use this EP to really show off their diversity in the genre, each track is different and it feels more like album material than just an EP. The title track, Selfish Scars, sounds like a heavier Kill Hannah. Meanwhile Get It Right, the lead single from the EP, sounds more cheerful like Yellowcard‘s Ocean Avenue.

By the middle of the EP, the music starts to sound a little samey. Two heavier songs, Almost and Tomorrow are placed together, however Tomorrow backs off after a heavy intro. The final track is a remix of Almost, which incorporates some RnB influences and a much lighter guitar riff. It’s a nice ending after a few heavier tracks. It’s also the track that really showcases the musical talents of the group as the guitar isn’t distorted and the drums play a light snare in the background instead of the heavy crashes associated with the pop-punk genre.

The listener can imagine an epic light show to go with the music and imagine the group in a crowded small venue such as Nottingham’s Rock City or Guildford’s The Boileroom. The music on Selfish Scars is beautifully layered and the threesome make a huge sound and come across like they’re a five piece.