you know the drill losing streak

You Know The Drill – Losing Streak [EP]

You Know The Drill are known for their solid pop punk singles and energetic live show, and this is only furthered in Losing Streak. As their first full release, this EP marks a starting point in their catalogue and it is a triumph for them.

The opening track Peer Pressure brings the EP to a start with a riff – no messing about. This quickly breaks into a quick punk drumbeat and high vocals before a catchy chorus that has a real lingering effect for the listener and is guaranteed to keep anyone singing it for hours afterwards. The lyrics “I’m trying too hard to be someone I’m not” and “just an empty shell cracked on the surface” sum up the lyrical content of the record of a reflective and self-critical nature. Losing Streak then continues in the same vein – solid pop punk. This one has traces of Blink-182 in its vocal style though, as a quieter section with a harmonising vocal behind gives depth to the stripped-back line.

Third track Heads Up is perhaps the highlight of the record with its more controlled and seemingly focused. The instrumentals are tight throughout the verses and choruses with a really nice guitar tone that compliments the melody it plays. The palm-muted section demonstrates this, . The track then breaks down for a slow acoustic section that emphasises the lyrics and shows the all-round skill of the You Know The Drill. Fourth track 411 sounds almost like a WSTR riff at the start but as soon as vocals kick in, it seems to be very much stamped with the band’s trademark style. The final track Repose is very stop-start in its nature: the overdriven verses give way to slower, more controlled instrumentals before going back again. The whole track builds to a crescendo with the final chorus which shows the band have made their point throughout just as they had intended.

Overall, the five track release is a job well done by You Know The Drill. The EP is energetic and thoughtful throughout and whilst these aren’t certainly the best tracks the band have ever produced, even the weaker moments contest their previous material – a step up as a whole.

Halfnoise premiere new track

Ex (or current?) Paramore drummer Zac Farro has been quiet since he left the band who made him famous, but has lately been publicising his solo project Halfnoise more than ever, and has finally released a new video.

The track is called Know The Feeling and it is taken from a forthcoming studio album, which is as yet not detailed. The record will come as a follow up to 2014’s Volcano Crowe, and will be his third under the guise.

View the video below: