Better Than Never Head Under Water EP

Behind Better Than Never’s ‘Learning To Swim’

“Head Under Water covers the idea of how dealing with depression and anxiety can sometimes just feel like you are drowning in a sea of hopelessness, the ball and chain in the imagery showing how you can feel chained down by those struggles and anchored at rock bottom.” – James Harris

Better Than Never recently let us have an insight into the makings of Learning To Swim, their first single and music video from Head Under Water…

‘We picked the track Learning to Swim; to be our first music video from the new EP mostly because it was the track which resonated with us the most. I don’t want to say it’s the best song on the record, but it definitely speaks most candidly about a lot of the stuff going on in our lives since our last release. The song encapsulates the whole record really well, because it doesn’t just talk about the rough times but more so getting through them. It addresses why it’s still worth fighting, even when it just seems pointless. We asked our friend Keir to help us shoot the video and he gladly obliged. Much like we’re a band trying to get our feet off the ground, he’s an aspiring filmmaker in a similar situation, meaning it was sort of a match made in heaven. Perhaps though, we’d have preferred a match of ourselves and Christopher Nolan, but we like Keir so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt!

With the narrative of the video, we wanted to encapsulate the rough times. But we also wanted it to be a little over the top and dramatic, to help reinforce the song’s intention of saying ‘it’s not all doom and gloom and everything always gets better’. The shoot went surprisingly well – forgetting a cock up on our bassists Jake’s part where he actually booked the pool we were shooting at, for the wrong day. We were pleasantly surprised by this though because as far as Better than Never cock ups go, this was relatively small. Ultimately we knew that once the stress of rearranging that was out of the way, we should have a clear run for the rest of filming.

The video wouldn’t have been possible though without the help of our good friend Kei from Coast to Coast. Riding a bike straight into a pool definitely wasn’t the most daring of stunts, but none of us were up for doing it. He did also get to destroy our Macbook and bass though, so maybe that was a kind of retribution for him.

One of the best parts from shooting the video was being able to visit the fair. Most of us haven’t been since we were kids and to go back and do it with your best friends, regardless of shooting the video, was a memory we’ll have forever. Admittedly we remember it being cheaper when we had our parents to pay for us though. For the next release we’ll definitely be asking our label Fox Records for a ‘fair’ budget so we can go again. Overall were really proud of the video, we had such a fun weekend shooting it which we really hope shines through when you watch it, that’s what this band is all about.’

Better Than Never – Head Under Water [TRACK BY TRACK]

With only a few more months until the upcoming Better Than Never release, Their vocalist James Harris has released information regarding each track on the EP. You want to know the meanings behind each track? Read on below and delve into the mind of an up and coming group!

126: 126 is named after the house where we tracked our pre-production demos. The place means a lot to us, it’s member’s Will & Jim’s flat so we spend pretty much half our time there. With this song we wanted to create something that really reflected the rest of EP, and featured a bit of what we’ve got to give throughout. It was so good being able to work with Ian (Sadler at Emeline Studios, Producer) on this track as he helped us really perfect it; it was the first track we recorded with him so it got us in really high spirits for the rest of the EP.

Learning To Swim: Sometimes we write together and sometimes we write alone. “Learning To Swim” was a song James wrote and the concept of it lyrically is all about how struggling with mental health issues can almost feel like you’re being held with your head under water. James said a lot of lyrics came from endless nights of just sitting on his own, with nothing but his thoughts and how they can really tear you up, and you just have to try and reassure yourself. We we’re really pleased with how this track came out, every track Ian did just seemed to have this magic touch to it, that makes us feel really proud of the final mix.

Dreamland Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be: Dreamland is a reworking of our song we used to play a few years prior, which was called “Cold Endeavour”. We were never really happy with the original, so Will spent some time reworking it, taking the best parts of the original song and fixing up the bits that didn’t seem to work. It’s gone from being one we didn’t like to one of our favourites to play live, we open a good 90% of the our sets with it because it’s just one of those songs that gets us all jumping about and it’s easy to sing along with.

Forty Eight: Even though we’ve changed the sound a lot since, when the band formed in 2013, we’d originally been inspired by a lot of the heavier pop punk bands, like Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember and Chunk? No, Captain Chunk! With Forty Eight we wanted to make something that was a bit of a throwback to some of the heavier songs those bands had released, and as such Forty Eight was born. This one is such fun live, lyrically it covers the recent results of the EU referendum and the divide it has caused between a lot of people, the more aggressive vocal parts are a great way to just relieve any pent up anger.

Lowhill Lane: Lowhill Lane deals with how past happenings can shape your future. Up until the early 2000’s James’ dad worked at the Rover/MG plant in Longbridge, situated on Lowhill Lane. When the factory got bought over, his family had to move away from Birmingham to Oxford. At the time it was quite a big thing, during that time in your life, most your classmates are your friends, and moving away meant starting afresh. As a result it covers how it can be tough trying to integrate into an entirely new world, different from what you are used too; yet at the same time, you want to do your best to hide from your family how much of an impact such a change has made, especially as no doubt they are all feeling it too. It’s one we’ve been playing live for a while as well, and it’s always a good one as James and Will share a lot of the vocal responsibilities in this song.

The bands EP ‘Head Under Water‘ sees a December 2nd release via Fox Records.

Better Than Never release music video ‘Learning To Swim’

If you love your boisterous pop punk, then you will definitely enjoy the newest Better Than Never music video/track. Featuring a bicycle being ridden into a swimming pool as well as destruction of a MacBook, their latest video is very enjoyable to watch and the song placed with it helps that note. Check out ‘Learning To Swim‘ below!

Their new EP ‘Head Under Water‘ will be released on December 2nd via Fox Records. They will also be going on a tour in January to which you can see the dates below!