Glasstide – Lights (EP)

The UK rock scene is currently brimming with unique ideas and youthful energy. Bands like Creeper with their Misfits meets Alkaline Trio hybrid and Scotland’s Honeyblood with their intense garage-pop, breathing new life into old sounds. It’s a good time to be playing in a band in the UK, so without further a do, please welcome another crew of British hopefuls, Exeter hard rockers Glasstide and their latest EP Lights.

Be There springs into life with rapid fire guitars, before launching into a muscular stomp. The song however, doesn’t quite make it out of first gear with a lukewarm chorus that takes away from the immediacy of the track. All is not lost though, as the band step up their game on second track You’re Not Worth It. The track combines the stick-in-your-head guitar lines of New Found Glory with an equally infectious vocal hook that the listener will undoubtedly find themselves humming around the office. The production on the EP is polished but still has a ragged edge which compliments the band’s style and sound. As well as this, the mix allows the low end to breathe, with the previously mentioned You’re Not Worth It, showcasing a memorable bassline, courtesy of four-stringer Callum Griffin.

Lights rolls along with Since You’ve Gone which hits like a cross between Buckcherry and Lit, frontman Gav Bolt showing a talent for catchy vocal lines. There is occasionally a feeling that he takes on a little more than his voice can handle, but this tends to be evened out by the brawn of his fellow bandmates. Kudos to Bolt however, as he showcases some robust harmonies, which help add an extra dimension to the arena-style choruses on offer here. The EP is brought to a close with the Zack Wylde-esque harmonics of the title track, Bolt’s vocals reminiscent of solo-era Ozzy Osborne with rest of the band on top post-grunge form.

When it comes down to it, Lights is a bright start for Glasstide. They don’t quite set themselves apart from the hard rock pack, but what they do show, is a knack for sleazy riffs, snarling lyrics and a smattering of hooky melodies. Future releases will hopefully showcase a more developed sound, but for now, kick back and enjoy the starting point of a promising young UK band.

Lights is out now and is available on Spotify & iTunes

Glasstide Release Video for ‘Be There’

Exeter Rockers Glasstide have released the brand new video for track Be There. The song is taken from upcoming EP Lights  and is a treat for fans of bands such as Blackstone Cherry and Airbourne.

Speaking about the song, the band say “This song really gets back to our roots as a hard rock band, it’s a nod to the sleazy rock we’ve all grown up with. This, coupled with the catchy chorus, is us showing off both ends of our musical spectrum.”

Lights is released on 23rd September and you can hear more about the band over on Facebook.