Little Elephant to release studio sessions on vinyl

For those who are purveyors of vinyl might be intrigued to know that some of your favourite bands will be getting their Little Elephant studio time pressed into their own 12″ records. Bands on the list include CounterpartsModern BaseballSpraynard and Koji, amongst a few other names. You can check out the full list and get your purchase on HERE, whilst in the meantime you can check out what Modern Baseball‘s studio time there below!

The vinyl have just been released yesterday and art at a $15 price (excl. shipping). 50% of the proceeds will go back to the bands!


The Summer Set release live video of ‘Missin’ You’

One of the most infectious pop rock bands this century has got to be The Summer Set. Whether you love them or hate them, the band can make any occasion sound like summertime with their music as the background to your life. They have released a live video from their time in The Village of one of their new album tracks, titled ‘Missin’ You‘. Have a listen below.

Their latest album ‘Stories for Monday‘ is out now and available at many online retailers and stores.