Jennifer Haben, Beyond The Black (26/1/17)

We got to email the lovely Jennifer Haben in Beyond The Black to talk about their international tour edition of their album ‘Lost In Forever‘ as well as her favourite albums of 2016 and how they write their music!

For those who may not be familiar with you guys, how would you describe Beyond The Black?

JH: If you wanna hear hard guitars, with a rock voice, your right with us! All of our songs are very various that almost everyone could find a song he likes – so if you wanna check us out: Don’t listen to just one song, please! We will surprise you 😉

You are currently planning to go on tour with Epica and Powerwolf, are you excited to get on the road with some of the most influential bands in their field?

JH: We are totally excited!! This two great bands and we’re in the thick of it! Apart from that we were so delighted in playing a show again after one month without doing this. We’re totally on fire to tour around Europe!

You are releasing an ‘international tour edition’ of your record ‘Lost In Forever’, what was the choice behind this?

JH: Until now we never released out of the german speaking area. The last year we got an international Labeldeal with UDR/Warner and we’re very happy to be able to send our music to the world now. To celebrate this we decided to through out a reissue of Lost in Forever that reflects the current status of Beyond The Black. The bonus tracks were created during the last year and for us they were ready to get released and primarily to be played live! Why not put it on that album then? 😉

You recently released a live performance video for the title track, can you tell us how that came about?

JH: Because of the different Line-Up we wanted to have a fresh, new video with them in it and I think it’s always cool for fans to see what they can expect when they come to one of our shows. So we decided to create a video with live-performance scenes. I like it very much!

You added four new songs onto this release, which of those four tracks would you say is the most meaningful to you?

JH: My absolutely favourite from the new songs is “The Other Side”! We played it last November in the set of our 4 Headline-Shows as a special for our fans. That was so awesome! It’s one of the songs that you play just for yourself. In other words for me it’s such an artistically song with much atmosphere. Much different than the other songs of BTB. I think it’s not a song for everyone, you have to get yourself into it a little. But if you do this it will carry you along! That’s why I love it.

When you write your music, do you construct the bands instrumentation first before adding the orchestral/symphonic parts or does it all flow in together?

JH: The writing process of our songs is mostly focused on a good and catchy melody for the vocals with some acoustic guitars oder keyboards, after that we got every other instrument and later on it’s the time to bring all the orchestra and atmosphere to make the songs a little more powerful. If you want an example: Listen to Love’s a burden. That’s the only, very special song on the album we’ve let well enough alone, without orchestra, without atmosphere things. Just as naked as it was at the first time. And so the vocals. You can hear a one-take at the album. A very familiar song for me.

What made you want to be in a band of this genre?

JH: The 4 years after my last band before BTB I tried a lot for myself. I had to check out what I really want. Many different styles with many different people, till I came to the music of symphonic metal. So after 4 years searching I was sure with my music genre and looked for people who wanna share this with me. That was the beginning of Beyond The Black. So you can say, I didn’t really choose the genre, it chose me in being the right music for me in this moment 😉

With the mass of music ever growing, what do you feel separates you from the pack?

JH: I think one of the most important things of our music is the variety of our songs, that causes such a various fan-base. From very young to old and from the hard metal-head to the housewives. I love that combination! That causes so many different conversations!

What were your favourite albums of 2016?

JH: I have to recognize, that I didn’t get that much releases, because of the much that happened the last year around BTB, but I really liked the new albums of Katatonia, Avantasia and of course the long-awaited new Metallica album. Now with the half of the european tour I fell even more in love with the new „The Holographic Principle“ album of Epica! Beyond The Matrix and Dancing in a Hurricane are hits live!

If any of you could start a side project, what genre would you want to delve into and why?

JH: My side project is trying to be a good daughter/sister/friend/.. besides BTB. 😉 Like I said in one of the past questions: BTB is that what I want to do at the moment. There is no need to do something else.

What are the plans for Beyond The Black in 2017?

JH: Apart from playing at Wacken again this year, we’re planning festivals and shows in and outside Europe and a headline-tour in the end of the year! But unfortunately we can’t say anything more about it at the moment, but you will find every knew announcement at our social media channels.

Any final words to your fans?

JH: We’re really looking forward to the 2nd February in UK! We hope to see you all there! We wanna get to know you and are very curious how BTB will come across in your country! Best wishes from Germany! 🤘🏼