Once Human Are Scheduled To Release Their New Single “Gravity” on November 22nd

Following on from their first single Eye Of Chaos reaching 1 million views on YouTube Once Human have announced they will release their second single Gravity on November 22nd. Both of these tracks are coming from the band’s new album Evolution scheduled for release January 22nd 2017.

The name has been chosen due to the bands belief that they have expanded upon the melodic death metal formula that was their debut The Life I Remember (2015) into something more complex, emotional, distinct but still devastatingly heavy.

Logan Mader guitarist for Once Human said in the press release: “Having been focused on recording, producing and developing bands, I had not picked up the guitar out of passion for twelve years but as soon as I started writing with Lauren (Hart, vocals) I fell in love with what we were making, and I wanted to play in the band and get back on stage.” 

“Our first record was getting the ball rolling, but now it’s as if we’re a totally different band. We really found our sound and our identity, it’s quite unique and I think what we’re doing is really on fire.”

The name Logan Mader might mean a lot to metal fans as he’s been noted on some huge albums for his production and/or mixing, these include Gojira, Fear Factory and Devildriver. He was also the original guitarist for Machine Head and his late 90’s stint in Soulfly. 

The band is rounded off by drummer Dillon Trollope, bassist Damian Rainaud, and guitarists Skyler Howren and Max Karon to join fellow guitarist Logan Mader and vocalist Lauren Hart.

Once Human’s first single from Evolution – Eye Of Chaos can be listened to below: