sleepmakeswaves – Made Of Breath Only [REVIEW]

Post rock is a beautiful genre when you look at the entire scope of things. From the way the melodies are structured and aligned to the elegance of the entire instrumentation, its a great way to get into something that, being mostly instrumental, can feel relaxing as well as stimulating. Enter sleepmakeswaves from Australia who are here to show you their latest musical creation ‘Made Of Breath Only

The ten minute behemoth to open the record is a perfect example of post rock in a nutshell. ‘The Edge Of Everything’ encompasses so many features and musical notions about the group and the music as it builds and collapses with the guitars and electronics being a centrepiece for the most part. With the time signatures flowing through in and out of the band as well as the entire focus of the sound being all about the little nuances that makes its way into the crevices and when the song fully goes into its element, you will find it hard to find room to breathe. ‘Glacial’ comes through with heavy reverb for the intro before the rest of the band coast through with a minimal amount of variations. Coming across very strongly like Deftones’ more atmospheric material, the band create something with so little that sounds like it could feel arenas with ease with the gripping lead guitar parts laying over the top so snug.

The band continue this amazing assault on the senses with ‘Hailstones’ which seems to use random clips and reverse effects before it starts feeling dreamy. Again, the fact that the track sounds so entrancing whilst not going too overboard with string use separates it from the long opener that it feels cosy amongst the rest of the songs. The bass and acoustic guitar get some love through the 9 minutes that it plays through. The album still continues to impress with more experimentation and more uses of instruments, with a note being for the title track that opens with electronic glitch noises accompanied by soft piano, before the violins start to creep into the fold. It’s a track that leaves the distortion at the door and focuses so much more on the melodies that its a different experience through each headphone.

The record keeps everything going on an audio extravaganza even towards the end with the shortest song on the record ‘Our Days Were’ which, in its one hundred second span, is a sublime way to blend into ‘To Light And Then Return’ which goes back into full band mode with the guitar chording and selective riff sections that provide another solid point that the band continues to bring back to the table with sections that sound positive yet with an underlining menace about them which gets brought more to life when the electronic elements shine through. ‘Tundra’ fills the penultimate album track with more synth uses and the band bringing more oomph within the almost six minute gripping listen. It’s enjoyable to hear that the band is really able to collide so many different elements with ease as well as go from full band ferocity into a minimalist haven so smoothly, which is also shown off in the closer ‘Worlds Apart’ which ends the album on a ridiculously high note.

This album is one that takes you on such a crazy ride and shows off yet again the presentation aspect of post rock with intricate precision. sleepmakeswaves have hit the nail on the head with everything that they needed to and then some, creating an audible masterpiece that takes you on a crazy journey from start to finish. An album that you need to listen to, no matter what you like!