The Anchor – Make It Last [EP]

Opening with September, the Make It Last EP is off to a heavy start. There seems to be a distinct lack of bass frequencies in the mix throughout the introduction which leave the overall sound feeling a bit flat, and this is carried through into the body of the track, alongside some very mismatched vocals and guitars.

Second track Avow sounds remarkably like a watered-down Venom Prison tune – the screams are brutal and powerful without a single lyric being audible for the mostpart, but the verses turn into a much lighter melodic sound which doesn’t fit as seamlessly as they perhaps were trying for. Then comes a very The Amity Affliction-esque bridge section which actually does work very well, before hitting a breakdown which sits in the realms of very generic metalcore. The title track comes next with melodic chords throughout providing a bouncy feel which some of the rest of the work lacks, though it seems to seems to sum up the band’s over-fusion of genres well: pop-punk feel in the clean vocals, death-influenced screams and melodic hardcore guitars which make a rather strange blend.

Somehow though, fourth track NOLA works a lot better than the rest up to this point. A faster pace and a less ambitious fusion of genres here allows for the instrumentals matching well, and the clean vocals laid over the top sound like they belong throughout the entire track. The screams are not out of place here either though – rather than taking over the whole mix, they are used more sparingly to be more of a backing vocal to fill the gaps which seems to form a far better sound for The Anchor. Following up with Paradise Falls brings one surprise after another; the song is a building, emotive anthem that could fill arenas with ease. Octave guitar parts, fantastic vocal melodies and a catchy chorus make a very good song, and the band have completely nailed it here.

Overall then, a strange release that has some fantastic parts and some that will be very forgettable. Frontwoman Linzey Rae has a phenomenal voice which she does not show off to the full extent throughout these songs, but definitely check out her YouTube channel here to see quite how good she is. Hopefully the songs can be brought to life live, and Paradise Falls is one reason to definitely check The Anchor out at shows in the near future.