Betraying the Martyrs the resilient

Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient

The Resilient‘s opening track Lost For Words brings right to the fore how big the sound is from Betraying The Martyrs for this whole release. A high lead riff opens into heavy-hit drums and chugging guitars before gutteral vocals break in. The song moves quickly with good instrumental control displayed; the lead riffs throughout are mixed through the vocals well and hold well in the verse. The chorus is melodic and starts to show the huge sound The Resilient will hold

The title track provides a highlight, with its space-filling opening. Faint choral vocals with a string arrangement brings the introduction real class, then the band coming back in causes a huge punch. The soaring chorus keeps a lot of the heaviness as tuned vocals return, and the riffs are inspired enough to keep the song moving. Riff variation also helps here – the riffs may be similar between verses, but they have subtle difference in the execution that keep them spread widely. The harmonised solo shows a good creativity, with a wah-heavy sound before turning into a crystal-clear harmonised trem line.

Another good track is Unregistered, which has probably the “heaviest” verse on the album. Riffs featuring copious volumes of string bends are always a winner, and when the bends come as the rest of the band go quiet it leads to a heaviness spread through the song. The breakdown here is rather generic with a huge buildup into incredibly slow time with harmonics and gutturals, but it is this that brings a lot of the “crowdkill-ability” to the track which fans will enjoy. The length of the chorus allows for more contrast between the screams and clean vocals which works better than a lot of the scream-dominated tracks.

Vocally, the melody combined with the harshness of the screams is a formula that has worked for so many bands for so long. The Resilient sees melody take a back seat to the uncleans which that is a mistake – a wholly screamed or half-and-half album would have worked better. As it stands, the screams stay static in pitch with little pronounciation of words which makes the album sound a bit lacking.

Overall, The Resilient is a mixed bag as a whole. While there are some brutal songs that carry great weight, a few fall into the category of “heavy for heavy’s sake” as opposed to feeling particularly thought out. The melody within the songs is definitely the key to their good sound, but they don’t exploit this nearly enough.