Debut Festival Burn It Down Makes It’s First Lineup Announcement

Torbay’s first alternative music festival Burn It Down has made it’s first announcements, in terms of headliners Mallory Knox, Malevolence, Carcer City, Napoleon, CANVAS, Continents, Veridian, Bar Fight, Hypophora, Lotus Eater, Maypine, Better Than Never, Catch Fire, The Young Hearts and We Struck Gold. 

The festival will feature three stages in each of Torbay’s most prestigious live venues in; The Foundry, The Attic and The Apple and Parrot. Burn It Down is set to take place on 1st September 2018.

Boneyard Promotions is running the festival and it’s owner Matthew Goodyear states: “I did this event because I wanted to prove that our area can have a good event. I was sick of people who could of done this years ago but instead made the ‘scene’ worse. I would like to achieve great things with this event so I can put a bigger and better event on next year. I want to keep expanding and growing the music scene around Devon, helping local artists on the way and to have a good time doing it!”

More bands are set to play the festival including two the size of Malevolence so keep your eyes peeled for the latest lineup announcement.

Tickets are available -HERE-.

Better Than Never

Live: Better Than Never – The Black Heart, Camden 14/8/17

Taking to the stage first was Midlands acoustic man Luke Rainsford who brought in a fair crowd considering he was first up and had come a long way. Opening with Home Safe, Luke played through material from both of his full length albums with aplomb as he always does, blowing away both fans and first timers alike with his honest lyrics and catchy hooks. Closing with his personal favourite track FrameLuke looked as though he was going to cry as he screamed out “I know that I’ll never learn” to an already emotional crowd as the cathartic close to a set that always seems to short from his restrictions – just about the only criticism that can be made about his live shows. [9/10]

Better Than Never

ICYMI took to the stage in the difficult situation of following Rainsford, but the energy and vocal ability of frontwoman Elin Allan stood them in good stead for the set to follow. Playing through their tracks proved to be fairly hit and miss up to their cover of NSYNC‘s Bye Bye Bye (yes, really) which turned the whole set around. The version featured heavy guitars and the attitude of Allan shining through to sweeten the crowd up before finishing with their single Get Out to finish off the set. The band have big things coming towards the end of this year, so keep an eye out – they’re one for the future. [7/10]

Better Than Never

As the only local band of the night, pop punkers All These Years took to the stage. It appeared throughout that the band weren’t particularly well known among the onlookers but pretty quickly gained some fans with their more punk-influenced tracks as they hopped about the stage being generally offensive in the best possible way. Playing through the material from both EPs and latest single What Was Left UnsaidAll These Years put life into what was previously a fairly still crowd, perfectly filling their role as a support for the show. [8/10]

Better Than Never

Coming off the back of their debut EP release a couple of weeks ago, touring newcomers Maypine were absolutely filled with confidence hitting the Camden attic’s stage. They played through the EP’s five tracks with a couple of additional originals, but the real gem in the set was their emo rendition of Fix You by Coldplay which they released back in July (if you’re curious, listen here). The set was filled with enthusiasm, talent and hope – qualities that can are lacking in a lot of new touring bands, which are virtually never captured in the same capacity as Maypine have them. [9/10]

Better Than Never

Finishing up the night came Better Than Never who, surprisingly, drew less of a crowd than Maypine though the remaining audience were the rowdiest of the night by some margin. Blasting through both EPs, frontman James Harris bounced around with no visible intention of slowing down as he hyped up the crowd. Later, some growls mid-song produced a few looks of confusion from those not fully aware of Forty Eight from the band’s latest collection Head Under Water as they expected more pop punk tracks, but that didn’t subtract from any enjoyment on anyone’s faces. Towards the end of the set, Luke Rainsford was floating around the front of the crowd making gestures before he (somewhat unsurprisingly) made another appearance to duet Panama with Harris. A good performance to round off the night. [8/10]

Better Than Never  

Maypine – In The Back Of My Mind

Maypine are a fresh pop punk band from the south of England readying up to release their new EP In The Back Of My Mind before they launch into a UK tour in August.

First track up A Little Sooner sees the band kick off in brazen confidence, with thick guitar and a punchy drum beat. The vocal style is powerful, reminiscent of other prolific UK artists like Decade and HomeboundA Little Sooner has a strong chorus carrying through the song, although it’s lyrical content is nothing groundbreaking.

North / South Divide opens in a similar tone; the production of the EP is very well polished into audible style. The band have a good sense of pace, allowing the song to fall back for a more vocally centered section. The song builds back up to full pace to carry to carry the momentum through to the next track. A gang vocal chorus in Inside Out distinguishes the chorus nicely before rocking back onto a simple but effective riff. That aside, the song does little to stretch the borders of the EP.

Never Far Apart begins with acoustic strumming before the vocals come in over the top. It’s a nice break from the full bodied band sound pushing through the EP so far. The song discusses missing a family member or friend as they grow up, and becomes sincerely heartfelt as the song progresses.

Day After Day has the band stepping back up with renewed vigour. The song deals with un-surety of the future, and is a good continuation from Never Far Apart. It’s the strongest track on the EP, with a solid chorus expresses some of the band’s best songwriting. Day After Day lays In The Back Of My Mind to rest, and it’s easy to see the band closing their sets with this track.

In The Back Of My Mind is an EP which performs consistently even if it does take its time to really show the band at their top potential. The likes of A Little Sooner and Inside Out are good songs, but Maypine come into their own on Day After DayMaypine are certainly a band you’ll be hearing more of.